Day 210- Another Medium Reading

I met someone on Facebook who offered to try to connect with Shayna for me. I don’t even know if she is a professional medium. She volunteered. She has nothing to gain by deceiving me.  She doesn’t live in the U.S.  She simply wanted to help me.  If you’re reading this, thank you again. I hope you don’t mind me sharing it.  I won’t share your name.  I wanted to share it because I hope it helps some of my family.

Wow she is beautiful even though in spirit she has longer hair ( or her hair down in case it is up in the picture ). She was fun, she was bright she was heardheaded but not mean, she was a rebel in good way “ she says not rebel I would much prefer a warrior”. She didn’t mince words but was very outspoken, she keeps showing me that she was a bit spoiled I keep seeing the baby ( as if she is the baby of the family ). I see a room for younger girls pinks , purple, in short this was one was a force of nature, full of life, and a huge personality.  A bit impulsive when it like she couldn’t stay from speaking her mind. She says you both know she is ok, you both know she is around and you both know she loves you with all she is ( you and her mother ), but she still wants you guys to know just how much she loved you and how blessed she was to have you for parents. She is giving me the sense of a very close family, happy family and it is bothering her because she says the spirit is grey in my family since I have passed, almost like everyone of you is thinking of her but you avoid saying much in hopes that the other one is not. You are hlding it in mostly, her mom is a whole new level. Who is a skiny woman with hair shoulder length, beautiful woman because your daughter is showing me this woman sitting at the edge of a bed and crying her heart off…

Shayna had longer hair up until a couple of months before she passed.  In fact she insisted on cutting it and we held her off for a couple of years.

Brian I can imagine the pain of losing a child, no parent should go through it but your daughter says that you are hurting her when she sees just how much life has lost it’s colors with her death.

We were a VERY close family. So it’s not easy to get over.

Was it the heart, because she is pointing at the chest, she is telling me that in order for you and your wife to know I am connecting her knowing you she has to give you some things from the past that way you two will no for certain she is coming through. She is showing me a picture of her and another bigger girl when they were children and a stuffed animal, as if this stuffed animal meant so much to her and she say you will know what is she talking about. Than I get an image of her both her hands raised over her head dancing for something with her feet moving up and down so fast like jumping out but not with both feet at the same time more like one foot at a time. This was not very long before her death.

Hmmm…. yes.  It was her heart.  At least as far as we can tell.  My wife is sleeping with one of her stuffed animals. She had a bunch.  The dancing thing I’m not sure I get, but another medium told me the same thing. She kept getting dancing. Shayna only danced when she was very young, but she was playing volleyball.  (I do remember once in the kitchen. I think it was her 13th birthday when we got her this giant stuffed penguin. She loved that.)  We are, of course, just crushed by the loss of Shayna. We are as confident as we can be she is OK and we will see her again.  One thing that isn’t right about what you said though is about us not talking about it.  We talk about her passing and about her all of the time.  We are trying to keep her alive in our thoughts and our hearts.

She is showing me her room, have you guys kept the room as it was?  She is showing me you and her mother going on that room although I am not sure when was this, you just sitting in her bed and looking around talking to her, and asking why did this happen. Her mother in the other side she is showing me that she would lay in her bed ( your daughter’s bed ) and snuggle her stuffed animals or even the blanket while crying her heart off, as if she was trying to breath your daughters scent. She is also showing me what I believe to be your room you and your wife laying in the bed you each having the back turned towards the other so that the other would thinkyour sleeping, yet both of you are awake and both of you are thinking and hurting for her. I see a greyish color comforter ( could be a blue almost like a grey comforter )

Yeah, we haven’t really touched her room. Her mother likes to go in there and smell Shayna’s scent. I think she gets into her bed or at least lies on top of it.  Our comforter is actually gray with a blue blanket over top of that.

The way she is giving me the images is like you do talk but not as offten  sort of like you are doing something and just like that your memory will take you back to something your daughter used to do and than you staying away from saying it your wife or her to you in hopes that the other one is having a small peace of mind at that very moment. Like you talk about her a lot but also you both hush things because in hopes that the other spouse at that moment has some peace and hesitate to bring the pain. I am sorry if I am not being able to explain it as good but english is not my mother language. As for the dancing I want to say it was in the kitchen or ner the kitchen and it was not a dance with music more like a dance reaction because she was happy about something, sort of like dancing when you recieve some wanted gift if it makes sense. This was maybe 4 months before she passed.

She was on a volleyball team that she loved. That might be when she found out about the trip to Florida that she took the week before she passed. (I hadn’t remembered about the stuffed penguin which we did give to her in the kitchen. I have pictures of her reaction.  She was overjoyed.)

I know your wife doesn’t want to hear this and neither do you but she wants you to give her stuff away to someone who will enjoy those things and will get as much happiness from them. I guess dinners were a big deal because she is showing me images of you and her mom eating and she is right here, she says I try to make a joke in mom about the meal and than remember she doesn’t hear me. You guys have given her a beautiful life, she grew up in comfort and surrounded with love and she says I want you both to know that I appreciate that so much and that I was truly blessed to be a part oour family. She is saying don’t hold on to my stuff because the most important part of me you will have it right there for as long as you both live, the memories, the happy memories we made together, th edeep love that we shared and those are what keeps me alive. Beside she wants me to tell you this “ daddy when you talk to me close your eyes that way you will know it with every atom of your being I am right there listening and while with open eyes you might not see me the memories you have will give you the visual part. I know you talk to me I love our conversation even if they seem onesided to you or mom, but I am right there most of the time with you. Her sister is away from home I guess because she is showing me images that when she is not around you and your wife she is with her sister,.

Wow.  Yes!  We will give her stuff away. It’s only been 7 months.  Can’t do it yet.

she knows it has been a short time and you neither are ready, she says that is why I am saying what I am saying because you both know my stuff is not me, you are me, mom is me, my sister is me  ok she gives me a name I believe it is for her sister something with a K but I am not going to even attempt to pronounce it because 90% I will do it wrong, and now she laughs with me for saying I am not going to attampt lol. Alright did one of you had a birthday recently or are supposed to have a birthday ( I almost believe there was one birthday and there is one coming ),

Her sister’s name is Kayla (pronounced like the letter K and then -la.   Shayna’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago. Mine is in May. My wife in July. Kayla is at college now. So, that’s why you got she is away from the house.

By the way she is not alone in spirit neither she has other family members there as well, one of this spirits is a woman an elderly woman I have a feeling she is attached to your wife.

Could be Shayna’s great grandmother.

somehow, like this woman was a part of your wifes life when she was younger ( I get a feeling like a childhood connection ) but not really sure since it is your daughter I am connected not the lady but the lady is staying close to your daughter.  OK now this will sound strange but is there a bedazzled phone cover or something bedazzled with pink or purple jewls, and she is showing me beautiful flowers white and pink and her favorite colors. She s saying thank you for such a beautiful ceremony ( I have never heard this before righ now , from no other spirit ).

I’m not sure about that. Shayna loves purple. I think pink, too. Definitely purple. Her ceremony was AMAZING.  Her friends had a big part in it and we made it a big party.  I think there were about 500 people there.

Well I will break the connection now, she is saying that she loves you all very very much, she will be around do not ever doubt that. She is showing me a pink candle ( light pink ) not sure why but she also is saying we will see each other again, we will be with each other again as we are used to, and you might see me before your time ( as if one of you is trying very hard to establish a connection ) and she is saying this with a sunny smile on her face. She wants you to tell her sister that she loves her so very much and that she lays right there with here now and than and watches her while she sleeps.

Thank you so much.  Yes.  I have been trying VERY HARD to establish a connection.  This means a lot to mean Kristina and it will mean a lot to my wife. We are trying to keep hope.

You are welcome I hope you got a little closure because I have seen the pain of parents when they lose a child ). Keep trying because I do believe you and your wife will both establish a contact. There will be a butterfly that will have a connection to your daughter and this butterfly will be seen by both of you and you will know for sure it is her. Now a small advice from me most people can connect but because we lack info as how it is done we doubt ourself. I realized all by accident that I could connect with spirits that have passed. Some comunicate with feelings or images in your head, like out of no where you will have an image of a mermory or something in your head or through feelings, because you are more connected with her you might get both at the same time the images and the feelings but because they are loved ones very offten we mistake the images or the feelings as our own. Take a notebook, ask a question and than write the first anser that comes, you will know with a little time when this answers are you and when not because you will feel it. Because you both have been comunicating with your daughter you just didn’t realize that you are doing a mediumship..

Thank you very much for all of your help and advice.  I am a very logical person. I don’t do well with touchy feely stuff.  So, I’ve been meditating on working with that.

AS I said you have already had contact with her just as good if not better than the one I had, but neither one of you didn’t understand what it was confusing her images and her feelings with things from your memory. That is why family members fail most of the time because we doubt ourself. I my self had gone to a medium to connect with my brother and when the medium told me the very same things I had gotten just than I understood that shot I have been in contact with him as well just like with all the other spirits.  Also I do believe your daughter was like you because she chose to comunicate with images not feelings ( images are harder for a medium because we have to put pieces together like a puzzle, vs the feelings is a feeling ). Good luck and may God bless you

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