Day 214- Getaway

So you say you tried
But you just can’t find the pleasure
People around you givin’ you pressure
Try to resist all the hurt that’s all
Around you
If you taste it, it will haunt you

So come, take me by the hand,
We’ll leave this troubled land
I know we can, I know we can, I know we can, I know we can

Watch for the signs
That lead in the right direction
Not to heed them is a bad reflection
They’ll show you the way
Into what you have been seeking
To ignore them you’re only cheating

Lay awake every night
Till the sun comes up in the morning
Nothing exciting, it all seems boring
Make up your mind which way to go about it
Choose your road and just don’t doubt it.- Earth, Wind & Fire- Spirit

Yeah. This. I am so tired.  Tired to the bone.  A friend asks me today what our vacation plans are for this year.  Vacation?  What’s that? First of all when you own your own business there’s is no real getting away.  At best you cram the work you need to do into the early part of the day before you head out to the beach.  You get your employee(s) to do some of it and know a lot of it will be waiting for you when you get home. Second, and more important, what I need to get away from can’t be gotten away from simply by changing my venue.  I told Dawn the other day what I need is a two week coma.  

There is no getaway from this.  Nothing exciting.  It all seems boring.  When I looked up the lyrics for this song, there was some disagreement about that last line “Make up your mind which way to go about it. To your road, you just don’t doubt it.” that’s what some sites have.  I say it’s “Choose your road and just don’t doubt it.”.  That’s what I have always heard I’m doing anyway.  I have chosen a direction and I’m heading there, head down, one foot in front of the other.  Only in that way will I actually get away. There is no short cut. There is no vacation. It’s just a long, slow climb out.

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