Day 220- Signs?

This morning I am thinking about the events of yesterday I wonder if we got signs from Shayna. The song “Dance With My Father Again” coming up in my shuffle, the game with a former Heat player being on TV as we came into the bar for lunch, the hawk in the tree (which I have never seen at our place). My dream last night. My rational mind tries to find natural explanations for things I perceive as signs.  My spirit wants to believe.

As I look out the window at the blanket of snow I wonder if we got more signs when it was warm. Butterflies, feathers, hummingbirds. I wonder if maybe the “energy” is lower in the winter and it’s harder to get signs through.  Maybe in the spring we’ll get more again. Just as the thought crosses my mind, I hear Shayna (in my mind’s ear) say “I can do signs in the winter.” and a cardinal flies right across the yard. Cardinals are known to be representative of visits from loved ones. And the thought “I can do signs in the winter” preceded the appearance of the cardinal by just a second or two.

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