Day 226- Little Miracles (Happen Everyday)- Jizo Part 2

Little Miracles Happen Everyday- Jizo Part 2

A couple of days ago I went to my room to meditate and my Jizo statue had moved from on my altar to sitting several inches away. He was standing there upright and my treasure box had been moved into his place. I wrote about it on my tumblr. A friend who is a medium told me that Shayna was not trying to tell me that Jizo didn’t belong there just show me that she can move him. That was on Facebook and Kayla doesn’t do Facebook.

Today I’m talking to Kayla (well, I still use the word talking- texting actually). Here is our conversation

Kayla: Can you do a weird favor for me?
Me: Anything.
Kayla: Please put your little Jizo statue in Shayna’s room on top of her bookcase. I don’t know why but she wants it there.
Me: On top of her bookcase? In her room?
Kayla: Yeah, the tall one with her snow globes. I keep seeing him in her room.
Me: Ah…. But I love my Jizo.
Kayla: You don’t have to if you don’t want to.
Me: But yeah, I will do it.
Kayla: I think he can guide and protect her from there.
Me: So, you’re seeing him there?
Kayla: She’s up to something. Yeah, I’m seeing him there.
Me: OK. No problem. You saw that she moved him? (on my tumblr)
Kayla: Mom?
Me: Shayna. Check my tumblr
Kayla: OK. ….. weird
Kayla: That happened today? I dreamed about her last night.
Me: You hadn’t seen that? No. It happened Monday (two days ago)
Kayla: No. I don’t usually read your blog.
Me: Yep. I asked Tywana. She said she hadn’t been near it.
Kayla: The past two dreams I’ve had about her have been action-y. In this one we were with a bunch of people trying to protect them. I think she’s doing something.
Me: Wow.
Kayla: Yeah, we’ve talked about how the afterlife isn’t just sitting around playing harps. Maybe she’s doing some kind of mission. And Jizo guards children. Right?
Me: Yes. I will put him in her room tomorrow.

This is similar to the incident after we watched Heaven Is For Real and Kayla saw the painting by Akiane and said it was the church she and Shayna had visited in her dream. I wrote about this on Day 39. I like to feel like I have a connection with Shayna. She and Kayla are like twins separated by three years at birth. Kayla had not read my Facebook page or my tumblr. She had no idea that Jizo had been moved from my altar. And it’s not as if we talk about Jizo a lot. So, as I go up to bed, I grab Jizo from my altar and place him in Shayna’s room next to the angels on her bookcase.

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