Day 227- The Wisdom of Kayla

I love talking to Kayla. She’s home this weekend.  So, today’s a good day.  We were texting the other day. I had just found this group Twenty One Pilots. They’re not new, just new to me. I’m all about the lyrics and I love their lyrics. Turns out Kayla has been listening to them for years.  We were talking about how the lead singer has anxiety/depression problems which seems to be common to artists, particularly the ones I connect with.  People have always asked me “Why so serious?”  I quipped to Kayla anyone who really pays attention to what goes on in this world would deal with anxiety and depression.  She replied that “Well, that’s a little dark.  Maybe anyone who pays attention would see how beautiful our life/world is and would be happy.”   Hmmm…. I had to think about that for a moment. Then I realized she’s right.  If we I can really sit back and look at the big picture, really know who I am, really know what this journey is about. When I can hold those things, the anxiety and depression do fade away.  The problems are temporary. They are bumps along the road. They cannot last longer than I can.  

Ah…. I love that girl!  

And we’re going to the Twenty One Pilots concert together. How lucky am I?

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