Day 231- Row, Row, Row Your Boat

I’m trying to learn to be more intuitive, more spontaneous, to live more from the heart. I’m trying to learn to watch for signs and synchronicities. But, I’m stubborn, I’m an engineer- so this “woo woo” stuff is a bit much. I always look for the logical explanation first. Like the other day, the Jizo on my altar moved almost a foot away and was standing upright next to the altar. I thought there had to be a logical explanation for it. I couldn’t come up with one, but that didn’t stop me from trying. Then, two days later, Kayla tells me to move him into Shayna’s room (without knowing he had already been moved). The Jizo moving where he physically couldn’t have gotten to was one thing. Kayla, from 200 miles away asking me to put him in Shayna’s room because she started envisioning him there was more than coincidence.

Last week, I was thinking about life and the idea this life is just a projection or a dream came into my mind followed quickly by the song Row, Row, Row Your Boat. The line “life is but a dream” had always meant to me that life is just fun, don’t take it so seriously. It had never struck me literally before that life is a projection of a greater reality. This time it did. A few days later I was sitting in church and the pastor referenced the song. I was taken aback. Coincidence? How many times in my life does that song come up? Not often. Twice in the same week? Hmmm… I made a little mental note. This defies the odds. Then, I get home and I find someone has posted a video to our Near Death Experience group that is a 15 minute explanation of why she believes this life may be a dream. We never really leave the spirit world, we are there, dreaming of being here and when we “die” we are waking up to the larger reality. OK…. I get it. Life is a dream. Message received three times in about three or four days.

Then today I’m about to take my walk and the guest on one of the PodCasts I listen to is talking about the book A Course in Miracles. Ty just happened to have started a home study course on its teachings and passed it along to me. I haven’t even opened it up yet. Our church is really big into ACIM and I’ve been considering it, so I’m really curious to see what this guy has to say. Guess what the first thing out of his mouth is? This life and everything in it is not reality. This life is just a dream.

You don’t have to tell me five times. I get the lesson of the week. And I think maybe I’m supposed to do more with ACIM because that keeps coming up, too.

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