Day 234- Navy Seal Training

Planet Earth- Navy Seal Training

I’ve often wondered about “creation”. If I were going to create the one place that humans were going to experience life, one time, for a short period of time it certainly would not be planet Earth. There is too much pain, too many dangers. Let’s face it, life here is hard. There are some breaks. There is a lot of joy, but it’s a place where it’s difficult to get things done. What you are able to build is always slipping back into entropy. Try as you might to build something, a home, a family, a career, whatever, there are always forces tearing it down. Sickness comes to most. Death comes to all. Natural disasters. Wars. It’s hard to make sense of it all. Everything we do is like building sand castles on the beach.

Last night I was watching a television program and the main character was going through an intense military training. She was running an obstacle course and a drill sergeant was running alongside her taunting her, trying to get her to ring the bell and drop from the program. She persisted, but finally she did ring the bell and drop out. Later, I was reading a book about one of the most fascinating NDEs I’ve heard about and the person who had the NDE was explaining meeting these beings who had a great deal of admiration for her. They thought her skills for being able to survive on Earth were pretty amazing. She described how not every being has developed the skills to live in our environment of dense vibration and so much difficulty. This is not an uncommon experience in an NDE. Other begins in the universe look at us and marvel.

I went to bed and had a dream of being on the beach going through a training that was a mixture of martial arts, weight training and ended up with what felt like a half mile crawl on my belly, using my arms only and dragging my legs through sand dunes. It was exhausting. The entire time a drill sergeant was by my side, but he wasn’t trying to get me to drop out. He was encouraging me. He was pushing me along. One guy did drop out They told him to go home and get himself together and come back to try it again. They were going to have a funeral for him to commemorate the end of this iteration of him and he could come back and try it again, when he was ready.

I’m thinking this place that we call home is not home at all. There are several analogies that work for what it actually is, but one is a Navy Seal type program. I’ve always been fascinated by and admired the Navy Seals. Not so much what they do after they’ve completed training, although that is also truly amazing. What I’ve been amazed by is their training. They push themselves to and beyond any normal physical and mental limits. They test their bodies and their minds exploring the boundaries, enduring physical pain, wonder if they will even survive.

That’s us, good people. We are the Navy Seals of this universe. We’ve chosen a tough assignment. If you’re here, you are one brave soul whether you feel like it or not. This place is no playground, no picnic. Hang in though. This is the place where you can make leaps and bounds of advancement for your soul. You chose to come here because you knew you could do it.

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