winter solistice

Day 2371- Winter Solstice Reflections

Today is December 20, 2021. It’s been a heckuva year. It’s been a brutal two years. We are going into year three of living with COVID-19, named after the year 2019 when it was discovered. Omicron is on the rise having gone from a whisper a couple of weeks ago to 70% of the cases in the country today. Hospitals are filling up. The unvaccinated are getting sick. Even the vaccinated are suffering breakthrough infections. My brother Brent’s whole household has COVID after being fully vaccinated and boosted. Yesterday, I threw my back out. I could barely make it upstairs to bed last night. During the night, every time I turned, a wave of pain would go through me like I was being punched in the kidneys.

And, it’s Winter Solstice in Ohio. Gray skies during the day, cold, sunrise at 8 AM, and sunset at 5 PM. These are the days I used to dread. A friend of mine said it’s ironic we celebrate the Winter Solstice as the coming of the light when it’s actually the beginning of winter. It’s all in how you look at it.

I’ve learned to “embrace the suck”. Kayla’s staying at the house for the week since her roommate is in Peru. Tywana’s working from home on the third week of her new job. I don’t need to get a lot done. So, I’m taking it easy for the rest of the year. Getting the podcast out has become a grind. I’m going to do a couple of special episodes. But, I don’t have any interviews scheduled right now. It’s not the time of year to be trying to do them. I’ll pick it up again in January.

It’s a good time to slow down and take a mini-break. When my back gets better, I’m going to clean out my office and get it ready for a makeover in January. I’ve got some reading to catch up on. One is for a book I committed to review and one is for an author I’m going to interview next year. I’ve applied for a new coaching program that starts in January. And, I’ve got two presentations in January that I need to prepare for.

I couldn’t take my walk this morning due to the pain in my back. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe the next day. It is what it is. And, I accept what it is.

Winter solstice, a time to slow down, a time to reflect, a time to reset, a time to rest. Tomorrow, the daylight hours will be just a bit longer. And, in just a few short weeks, it’ll be Spring. This is the end of the descent into darknessĀ  and the beginning of the ascension into light.