Day 241- Pre-Shamrock Shuffle

Today is the day our families come into town for the Shamrock Shuffle, a charity race that we are participating in to raise money for Shayna’s scholarship fund.  A couple of years ago we were participating in the race, as volunteers not runners, for Shayna’s Girl Scout Silver Award. Who knew in 2016 we’d be running in the race, and volunteering, to raise money for her memorial scholarship fund?  

Without much effort, we have 45 people on our team for the race. The numbers just kept growing and growing.  My brother and his family came in from Columbus. Ty’s sister and her boys drove in from five hours away in Pennsylvania.  Her brother came in from Kentucky with his son.  People kept saying they wanted to be on Shayna’s team.  We are so honored to have so many people who still want to make an effort to remember her and to honor her.

Being around the extended family is hard now though. Shayna’s energy is missed. Briana is here and Briana without Shayna is like peanut butter without jelly.  Shayna’s constant joking and mischief is sorely missed.  I always have to take time to get away and just commune with Shayna during these times to tell her how much I miss her and that I can’t wait to see her again.  Tomorrow I will run the race for her and I will think of how I am, one day at a time, running my race to her.

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