Day 2444- Mediumship Experiences

People often ask me if mediumship is real. I’ve had enough experiences to know it absolutely is. I always say there are a few classes of mediums: There are great mediums, good mediums, medium mediums, bad mediums, and (of course) fake mediums.

Just this week, I sat in a test sitting with a medium that was really good. As always, there was a mix of some things that were spot on, some that were pretty generic (did your grandmother have gray hair and wear glasses), and some things that were just wrong. However, this medium did something that really blew me away.

She told me to think of a question I wanted to ask my grandmother who was coming through at the time.  I was not to verbalize the question, just think of it in my mind. When I had the question, I told her I was ready. She said she would give me an impression, kind of like playing Pictionary, to see if it would answer my question.

I had my grandfather on my mind. The 50th anniversary of his passing was just over a month ago. I’ve always wondered about following in his legacy. He was a great writer, speaker, and a pastor. When I picture my grandfather, I picture him in one of two places.

Here is a transcript of the conversation at that point:

Medium: This is how this works. You’re going to ask her in your mind a question and it’s not a yes or no, it’s something she has to like answer. And she’s going to give me some symbolism or picture or words or whatever that she feels will answer that question. Now, a lot of times people aren’t very good at Pictionary, and I have to ask them for another picture just to make it more. And then if it doesn’t, doesn’t if you don’t think they work, then you’ll just tell me what the question is, and I’ll hopefully show you how she feels it does. Okay, let me know when you’re done asking her the question and I will let you know what she’s showing me

Me: okay. All right. I’m done.

Medium: Okay. Okay. It’s like, she’s at a desk and she’s like paying bills. Or doing things with paper on a desk. She had like a job on a desk, and she was taking care of things. Um, does this make any sense to you?

Me: The desk does Yes. Okay. Yes.
Um, do I need to go back and get another picture or?

Me: No, I
think that actually answers it.

Medium: Can you tell me what the question was? I love to find out how they come up with things.

Me: Oh, yeah. Well,
the question was how she felt about me falling in my grandfather’s footsteps. And when I think about my grandfather, I think about him in one of two places and one of them would be in his office at his desk.

So, pretty crazy. I had written about my grandfather and his desk in my tribute to him a month before. But, this was a blind reading. All this woman knew about me was my first name. She had no contact information from me. It was over Zoom. My video was off.

Example 2:

Next, I was sitting in a gallery reading. This where a medium was getting messages for an audience of about 20 people and whoever could come through. Shayna rarely comes through in a gallery reading. She normally chooses to hang back. I was listening to the readings when a text from Kayla came through. She had just started a new job three days before. She was excited because she had just seen her first adult therapy client. She’s been working with children since she got her Masters last year. She was tellling me about her job.

But, the thing is she still was getting calls from having her resume out and had decided to interview with a company that was offering over $20,000 more than she was making in the job she had just started. Her first interview was the day of the reading with Danielle (the medium you’re about to find out about).

Here is a quick summary. Danielle said, “She’s saying “outside of the box'” like she’s going to do something she wasn’t expecting to do.

Kayla’s degree is in mental health counseling and she thought she would be a therapist. But, she had interviewed for a job as a behaviorist. This is something she didn’t know existed before a few days before. But, she went into the interview because it was so much money.

And, here is the crazy thing. We thought Shayna was excited about Kayla’s current job she had started a few days before. A few hours later, the behaviorist job was offered to Kayla and she took it. Shayna was coming through right after Kayla’s interview and before she had been offered the job.


Danielle Wolfe 0:03
Let’s see where we’re going. We’ll pull them in a little closer and see what we can get here Brian, I used to hear your, your daughter just came through with the way like she’s I was trying to connect here with this Chris Chris Chris and she just comes through and she’s like, Hey, I just had to stop and say that real quick. I’ll come back to her to she wants to come through it was Shayna right. That was her name, Shayna. Yes. No, okay. No, I’m sorry. We’ll come back to the Chris. Cause Shayna’s here now she’s like now we’re not going anywhere. Okay, let’s see where she wants to go. Oh, she feels so good. Brian. She is like, so vivacious. I’m so incredibly proud of you. mom’s sister she wants to bring up sister something significant with sister just happened or is happening a celebration?

Brian Smith 1:16
Yeah, she just took a new job. Actually, she just texted me. She did our first counseling session with an adult today. Yeah, children, and she just took a job work with adults.

Danielle Wolfe 1:25
Goosebumps. This was everywhere. Yes. So she’s saying she is saying like outside of the box. outside of the box. That means so that must be like working in like doing something outside of what she was thought she was going to do. There. She’s like super pumped and super proud. She makes me feel like energy on the court. Right? Like I feel like she played sports. I think I knew that. Right. And she plays sport. Yeah. And so I feel like she’s like, remember how pumped I would get on the court. Like when we would have a spiker. She did volleyball or basketball. I don’t but I see her like on the front. She’s like number one. It gets so pumped. She’s like, that’s how I feel right now. So she’s like, super stoked. First sister. So please tell your daughter like Shana is like so pumped for you and she’s so happy to talk to me Soller now, definitely please let her know. Um so she keeps showing me this picture. And I’m pretty sure it’s it’s probably the picture from maybe her website or Facebook page or something where she’s like, wearing like a really pretty gown and she’s got the tiara on her head. And so like she I don’t know why she’s bringing up the picture. She’s saying, like, she’s down with it. Maybe I’m not sure because I’m getting like arrows down, down, down, down down. Flowers. Hang on, let me see where let me pull back. A little bit here because she I think she’s taking me somewhere else.

Okay, this is gonna sound so crazy. She’s showing me Alice in Wonderland. I don’t know why but she’s showing me Alice in Wonderland and she’s saying you have to go down. You have to go down the rabbit hole. You have to go down the hole and you have to investigate. And I feel like you’re going down the hole and you’re investigating. I’m just giving it to you. I’m sorry. I’m trying not to. Okay, okay. So I feel like you’ve got to go down and I go I feel like when you open the doors, it’s not going to look exactly like what you think it is. I feel like when you get down in there, it’s going to be bigger. And it’s going to be really massive. And I feel like um, don’t rush. I feel like you have to take your time. And you have to be really diligent in detail. Because I feel like you’re going to the options. There’s going to be options in this space. And I feel like the first option is going to look fantastic. And you’re like, that’s exactly what I want. That’s what I’ve been looking for. But she’s telling me no, she’s like Don’t say no to it, keep it on the table, but you’re going to go this way. And she said it and then something is going to be behind the corner that you’re not even expecting that’s going to be even more huge than what you’re planning.

Brian Smith 4:24
Yeah, that’s interesting. Yeah, that makes sense. It does. Yeah. I’m looking at a couple of opportunities right now. So yeah, okay, cool. Good.

Danielle Wolfe 4:33
Um, it’s just like, I just have to trust it. Right. Like, I have to trust her to be like, I know

Brian Smith 4:38
what I’m saying. Yeah, make sense? Okay,

Danielle Wolfe 4:41
cool. And I feel like your wife is very closely connected to this decision that you’re making right? Does it involve both of you very closely.

Unknown Speaker 4:51
Yeah. Okay.

Danielle Wolfe 4:53
Um, because I feel like she’s, she’s making me feel like she’s like, I don’t want to throw my mom under the bus. She’s like, but I feel like she’s a tad bit worried or a tad bit concerned about the outcome and so I feel like this need to say tell Mom, it’s going to be even better than what she thought it was. Okay. And I also feel this need to say like, just go with the flow and just trust it. Trust that it’s going to work out because she’s saying, we’re in the mix, like meaning divinity like spirit. We’re in the mix, and we’re making it work behind the scenes. So just trust that it’s all work work. It’s all working out and in your best interest.

Brian Smith 5:34
That’s awesome. She’s like, I love you. She’s like she’s just so I’m so glad. Yeah, thanks. Thank you. Yeah, absolutely.

Danielle Wolfe 6:02
Okay, so one more thing. She popped her butt right back in real quick. I’m so sorry. So back to the Alice in Wonderland thing. She’s bringing me to that quote that says like, Have I gone bonkers? You know, when Mad Hatter asks Alice Have I gone bonkers? And Alice says yes, but I’ll tell you a secret all the best. People are. So she says look for the weird,

Brian Smith 6:20
huh? Okay. Okay. And

Danielle Wolfe 6:24
then she’s like, okay, like, Okay, let’s see where we can go next. Okay, we started funny.

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  1. Brian, thanks for sharing this- I love Danielle asking you to ask your grandmother a question (why not!!!) and then her asking your grandma for the answer :). Also, congratulations to Kayla- how sweet it is that Shayna stepped in (when she would not ordinarily) to help her big sister and her family know Shayna is aware and approves. Is mediumship real? Um. Yeah.