Day 246- Jobs In The Afterlife

I am reading a book that purports to give us a glimpse into the afterlife. I’ve read several. This is one of the best as it makes sense of a lot of problems I’ve had with other images given of the afterlife. One of those images is the afterlife is merely a mental existence where all of our wishes are instantly fulfilled by thought alone.  I’ve said for years that for us to experience ourselves as ourselves, this is impossible. If there were never any conflict, never any lack, if every single whim was fulfilled in nanoseconds, everything would just be an extension of ourselves and we couldn’t experience ourselves at all. This would be extremely boring.  Imagine a world where if you went out for a round of golf, every drive was 300 yards down the middle, every chip went into the hole, every putt went into the cup.  You’d play one round of golf and be done with it.

The book reports there are “lower” (in terms of vibratory level not in terms of value) realms where we can continue to work, to pursue interests and to create. I’ve often said if I had an inexhaustible supply of money I would take some time off, but I’d pursue something. I’d have to work. I like creating things. I like accomplishing things. I think that’s part of being human. I’d do it for nothing.  Hearing the concept that there would be work in the afterlife prompted me to think “What would I do if I didn’t have to make money to live ?”  It certainly wouldn’t be selling hair care products. I don’t think there will be a need for salespeople where I’m going to end up. Besides, I don’t like sales.  I only did it to make money.  A few months ago I decided among the jobs I know of and given my skill set or lack thereof the job I choose now would be one of the people who helps people stuck in the lower-hellish realms or the people stuck transitioning away from Earth.  We’ll see what jobs are available when I get there, but that’s my preliminary pick. 

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