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Day 2461- I Will Not Be Like A Typical Teenager

We started Treasured Locks when Shayna was two years old. The girls were the inspiration for the business and both worked for us, for a while.

Shayna loved leaving little notes for us all over. She would sneak into my office and write notes to me in my notebooks I used for jotting down notes during phone calls.

I don’t know what inspired her to write this card to us in August 2012. It was totally her idea to create this “personality agreement” and promise to not be a typical teenager. She certainly lived up to her promise.

I see this card every day when I’m in the basement packing orders for Treasured Locks. I rarely notice it. But, I decided to take take a picture of it on this day, which just happened to be the day I interviewed Jonathan Wess, the founder and CEO of Timecapsule Family Connections. I’ll post that interview in a few weeks.

I find these things to be gems, things that keep me connected to Shayna in a tangible way. I was cleaning out my office this weekend and found lots of little gifts she and Kayla made for me over the years. When I was interviewing Jonathan, he spoke of leaving digital legacies for our loved ones; an excellent idea. He spoke about throwing out physical things as we have the digital. But, I plan to hang onto them. This card has been on that board for almost a decade. It will probably be there until we leave this house.

shayna personality agreeement

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  1. Precious. The signature and date…so earnest and sweet in her intent. I hope Shayna and Bethany hang out together sometime, giggling and chatting about their equally earnest parents who cling to these little gems they left us ❤️