Day 249- Reading With Psychic Medium

I can finally reveal that today I have a reading with psychic medium Susanne Wilson. The path that led me to this is a pretty wild one. Maybe the world of people studying afterlife stuff is a pretty small one, but I have met some amazing people who have helped me tremendously. First I met Mark Ireland whose father was one of the best psychic mediums of all time. Long story short, Mark and I corresponded, he helped me and he asked me to participate in a certification program he was doing so I got a reading with Alyson Gannon which was amazing and I have documented here.  

I also met Roberta Grimes.  Through Roberta I became familiar with Susanne Wilson (who is connected to Elizabeth Boisson who is connected to Mark Ireland.  A friend gifted me the reading with Susanne four months ago. At the time, Susanne’s waiting list was six months, but they had an opening in April, just five months. A couple of weeks ago the spot for today opened up (moving me up another month).  Around that same time I began running across Susanne in a couple of PodCasts and then just a few days ago, for the first time, I ran into her on Facebook, but I didn’t contact her knowing this reading was coming up.

I will document the reading which is going to take a little while because she gave me so much detail in the hour we spent on the phone. I will say this now though.  Psychic mediums are definitely for real. There are some who are sincere and don’t know what they are doing. There are a lot I’m sure. There are some who are purely scam artists doing cold readings or Googling people.  However, there are some who are truly and extremely gifted.  I think it’s like playing the guitar. Almost everyone can learn to pick up a guitar and pluck their way around on it. Many say we all have some psychic ability.  That’s probably true. We all have some level of intuition or gut feel. We all have that feeling when someone is staring at us or there’s another presence in the room.  We all get hunches.  But, some people are born with a knack to play the guitar. With practice they can get very good. And a precious few are born with the ability to just pick it up and start playing.  

After my reading with Susanne, I know more than ever that Shayna is alive and well and still with us. I know that I will see her again.  And, I know that all is as it was meant to be and we are on the path that we set for ourselves as painful as it is.  

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