Day 2587- Signs & Synchronicities

Lately, there have been a lot of signs and synchronistic events. They’re often very small things. Like a few days ago I was out walking thinking about the dogs I often see along my route. I was thinking of one I used to play with just about every morning. He would come to the door and the owners would let him out as I walked by and we’d pretend to chase each other for a few seconds. There have been others I interact with on a regular basis. A few minutes later, I had my head down and I was listening to music when a puppy darted across the street and jumped up on my legs. His owner was very apologetic. He was just learning the boundaries of his yard. So, I was thinking of the dogs I had been missing and a few minutes later, one jumps up on me out of the blue.

Then, there was a time a week or so ago I was thinking about how I hadn’t seen my friend Pat in a while. I used to see her just about every morning on my walk. I was just thinking I should call her daughter to make sure she was all right. This was as I was headed toward her house about half a mile before I’d make the turn onto her street. When I got to her house, there was her daughter, pulling into her driveway to visit her.

Saturday, I got the 1:11 on my phone and I took a screenshot, as I often do. But, then when I looked at the time in the upper left of the screen, it showed 1:10. I looked again at the screenshot, thinking I must have misread the time. It said 1:11. My phone continued to show 1:10 until it was finally 1:12. It then skipped 1:11 and went from 1:10 to 1:12.

As I was interviewing Camille Dan, the author of Gathering At the Doorway, for my podcast, I told her the story of the day I was going for a walk and listened to a podcast where the guest said that a sign from her daughter is people she didn’t know approaching her and introducing themselves to her saying they knew her daughter. I had never heard of that as a sign before. Then, about 20 minutes into my walk, a neighbor whose house I passed every day for years, came out of her house and introduced herself to me. As I was telling the story, I could see Camille was getting excited. When I finished my story, she told me the same thing had happened to her the day before.

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  1. That’s amazing. Thanks for sharing that. These little signs that I call Easter eggs, some call God winks, can help get us through the day. I think we get just enough to keep us going.

    And I always say, “A sign for one is a sign for all.” Hearing others’ signs is helpful for me.

  2. Hi Bryant, I have been following your grief2growth story since Shayna passed. Your courage has given me hope. My son Jamie’s life was taken about 2 years and 2 months ago. I have seen signs since before his passing.

    Jamie’s two sons were staying with me last week. I was in the front room and they were in the back. I was having a conversation with Jamie in my head and I felt his presence… I always get a tingle. My youngest grandson, who is 9, came from the back and asked who was here. I said no one and asked why he thought someone was here… he said “I kinda get a tingle when someone comes.” He was tingling while I was tingling! The more time passes the more amazed I am at the ways he makes his presence known. Yet, I still miss him so much.