Day 2594- Bad Dancer

This morning I was in the basement packing orders. I had the music cranked up, discovering some new artists as I let Apple Music curate my playlist.

I was dancing around and thought about what a terrible dancer I am. I thought about the time I won a dance contest at a club in Miami with a woman I met there that night. LOL. “I’m still a bad dancer.”, I thought. As I walked into the back room to grab an envelope to put the following order in, a new song I had never heard came on. Hmmm… catchy tune. And, that sounds like Gracie Lawrence, from the band I discovered last year. I grooving to the song when I catch the name of the tune, “Bad Dancer”.

Stuff like this has been happening to me lately, more and more. It’s just little things, little premonitions that don’t amount to much as in no lottery numbers or who’s going to win the Kentucky Derby yet. Just little God winks. Here I am dancing, thinking “I’m a bad dancer” and Apple Music plays a song I’ve never heard, by that title. I’m glad I didn’t say it out loud because when something like this happens and I’ve spoken it, people take it as proof that “they’re listening”, not that it was something mystical.

There’s More

I went to YouTube to find the video to post on Facebook and share this moment with my Facebook friends. That’s when I found the official video for the song is… wait for it… a dance contest. Jak Lizard hosted a dance contest asking fans to send in videos of them dancing. The best dancer to “Bad Dancer” was featured in a cameo in the video.

I’ve been struggling with self-confidence lately. Here I am dancing in the basement, by myself, judging myself. I recalled winning a dance contest once- thirty years ago. I’m still not feeling confident, though. Then, one of my favorite groups, Lawrence, comes on, accompanying on this song that I’ve never heard. Gracie’s voice gets my attention. And, I hear the lyrics below.

You love what I do
What else is new?
Thinking you got the answer
That’s fine by me
Move as I please
Wait till you see that I’m
I’m not a bad dancer

One commentary on the song goes like this: “Bad Dancer” feat Lawrence is the second track on the 3-song project, and it’s a groovy jam about defying expectations and not judging a book by its cover. Jak wants the listener to know that he’s more than meets the eye, and doesn’t appreciate being judged before you get to know him personally. Just because Jak might look like a “Bad Dancer”, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give him a shot to prove you wrong and have a good time.”

And now, Bad Dancer…

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