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Day 2623- Signs From The HPH Conference

This weekend at the Helping Parents Heal conference, Suzanne Giesemann talked about her daughter Susan sending butterflies as a sign. Suzanne opened and closed the meeting. Whenever I hear Suzanne speak, I hope she will mention Shayna because Shayna has dropped in on Suzanne. Shayna was part of a presentation Suzanne gave at the first Helping Parents Heal conference.

She told a story about stopping at Monticello on a whim as she passed through. She was on her way to the airport and had just enough time to take a short hike. She checked her GPS and found there were hiking trails at Monticello. Shortening her story, Spirit led her down a path where she found an elastic hair band with a butterfly attached. On the back of the butterfly was the word Phoenix. That word has special significance for Suzanne. Phoenix also happened to be the 2022 Helping Parents Heal conference site. Butterflies are prominent signs Susan sends to Suzanne and her husband, Ty. So, in a couple of ways, she found this hairband to be significant.

Suzanne didn’t mention Shayna in her opening or closing. But when she mentioned Monticello, I perked up. Monticello is a special place because we had a family reunion in Charlottesville and got a private tour because Thomas Jefferson is my fifth-generation grandfather. So Tywana and I took that as a sign. Later, I texted Suzanne to tell her how Shayna had come through again. There would be more. Much more.

Today, as our plane lifted off the runway, departing Phoenix, there was a notification on my phone. The camera detected motion at our front door. Maybe the post office was there for a pickup, which they shouldn’t have been. I paused the pickups. I thought it could be a delivery from UPS or Amazon. The camera is set to notify me when a person approaches, not for any motion in front of the house.

A couple of things to note with the video. First, the butterfly not only flitters around on the porch for about 30 seconds. It lands on the camera. Also, Monarch butterflies are pretty rare where we live. I always take note when I see one. Finally, the butterfly video was the second connection we had to Suzanne’s closing remarks. The first was Monticello.

But, there would be more.

 I downloaded a boatload of shows to watch on the plane. There were free movies. I started a movie I thought I wanted to see. I stopped it. It was boring. While flying from Dallas to CVG, I listened to Apple Music. I hardly ever sit and listen to music without multitasking.

American Airlines offers free streaming of Apple Music while on their flights. So, I was streaming Apple Music through the plane’s Wi-Fi. Then, suddenly, the streaming stopped working. I saw Panic At The Disco’s album is popular right now. So, I started listening to it. Meh. It wasn’t appealing to me. They remind me a bit of Imagine Dragons. That prompted me to listen to the latest Imagine Dragons album. It was strange that the album was twice as long as I recall it being. I’ll get back to this later.

Suddenly, streaming stopped working. I couldn’t play any more of the Imagine Dragons album. Bummer. I checked my downloaded music to find something to listen to for the remainder of the flight.

As I scrolled through my downloaded music, I found a recording of a mediumship reading I had with Stacey Lynn Cripps. I decided to listen to it. I don’t know why it was on my phone. The reading was in April 2021.

In the reading, Stacey mentioned butterflies as a connection to Shayna. She said she saw me standing behind a podium delivering a message. Stacey mentioned me being on a mission. 

At the time, I took this as being metaphorical. Stacey said very specific things that left no doubt Shayna was with us. Back then, I moved along with Grief 2 Growth and spoke regularly at various events. But, I had not done any in-person events. I hadn’t been behind a podium in years. Me on a plane? Not unless I have to.

And, she said she saw me on a plane flying to speak. Flying didn’t resonate at all. None of my speaking engagements pay. I can’t afford to fly to conferences to deliver speeches. So, I wrote this off as her going a bit too far, or as symbolic.

I rarely fly. I hate to fly. I fly less than once a year, on average. Yet, I pulled up this reading while I was on a plane returning from a speaking engagement. The Helping Parents Heal conference was my first in-person speech since starting on this path.

Here is an excerpt from the reading:

And she also gives me a name. I’m feeling a name, Brian.

And there’s also feeling I have to say, What he’s bringing is around this love that you’re giving too many. Somebody is talking about your love and the love that you’re giving to many. 

So there’s also a feeling of them watching you, and there’s a podium, and they’re speaking, and they’re watching you and make you

Brian Smith 14:03  

huh, okay.

Stacey 14:15  

Um, so there’s a feels like a young woman here with black hair. Okay, also here. And I’m seeing her come forward. And her stare pretty, and her black hairs to her shoulders and it’s straight. Okay, and I’m feeling her here present. Welcome.

So I also know what I’m feeling from this. This woman is I I’m feeling I’m feeling a connection here and feeling a family connection. Okay, that she’s giving. And as she steps forward, I am seeing her. And I’m seeing her features on her face and very pretty features. And she’s also give me me a hold on One moment, please. Okay. Okay. Do you understand a young woman with long dark hair? That’s coming forward that has a family connection with you?

Brian Smith 15:39  


Stacey 15:51  

So I know she’s a daughter. Okay. He gives me that she has a daughter as well. 

Stacey 18:58  

There’s a whisper. She gives a whisper. She says Daddy, I’m with you. Once again. Well, yeah. There’s a butterfly around her neck. A butterfly. necklace. Butterfly. I’m seeing. Okay, so connection to her butterflies. She’s in white. Huh? Okay, well, white. angelic feels very angelic.

Stacey 22:34  

She has them too. Okay, he has them as well. And they just feel like bless it or wooden or brown or I just can see. Okay. Sacred Okay. Thank you. Connection. Oh, sweet. Missy. Oh, thank you. She’s so proud of you have to give this feeling she’s giving here of how proud she is of you. There’s a feeling of turning pain into purpose that she’s giving. And just loving, loving, loving, loving feeling around them.

Brian Smith 23:31  


Stacey 23:33  

She’s also showing walks and hikes and walks. Okay, well, and her hiking walking with you. Okay, there’s like a stick in your hand or she’s giving a feeling about hiking a walk through these areas. What areas Do you understand? I do. And I feel she brings children, too. Huh? Okay. Okay, children spirit.

Brian Smith 24:11  

Okay, wow, okay.

Stacey 24:15  

She’s doing this with you. She says she’s doing this with this is your, you know, there’s just a holy work feeling that I feel from her. Hmm. She wants to talk about her picture.

Stacey 33:26  

And she’s still wants to do this. So she, she’s giving me chills. And she’s just spinning my body around with her hands straight out in her head up in the air. Wow. Just very beautiful. very freeing. I love my dad. I love my daddy. I love my dad. I love my daddy. He’s my rock.

Oh, he’s my joy. Well, she also shows you picking her up in your arms

Brian Smith 34:08  


Stacey 34:12  

You know?

Brian Smith 34:12  

Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Stacey 34:17  

And she shows you holding her and she’s big.

Brian Smith 34:21  

Yes, yeah.

Stacey 34:23  

You’re picking her up in your arms and holding her and she’s big.

Brian Smith 34:26  

Mm hmm.

Stacey 34:27  

And she’s still with you.

Brian Smith 34:31  

Wow. Yeah.

Stacey 34:37  

Yeah. Just just a lot of love around that. Well, she talks to me about that moment. And she talks to me about the Lord being there.

Brian Smith 34:57  


Stacey 34:58  

hear something about this And I just feel it. I feel just angels to around. So my just feeling that she’s showing it. So I have to say so I felt two things I felt you picking up and holding her and she’s big. And then I felt I felt you picking up and holding her to with her Spirit. So I feel this too.

Stacey 38:20  

She says Hello. I’m so happy. She’s so happy to be here with you.

Brian Smith 38:27  

Hmm. Well,

Stacey 38:29  

she’s so happy to do this work with you.

Brian Smith 38:33  


Stacey 38:34  

and she’s so happy to share this work with you.

Brian Smith 38:38  

Okay, well. Yeah.

Stacey mentions a connection she thinks we have. But, she doesn’t know who I am

Stacey 39:11  

so I’m hearing about this too. Wow. And the feeling from her too, is connecting you as well.

Brian Smith 39:27  

Mm hmm.

Stacey 39:29  

So she puts you on a plane and you’re on a plane. And I’m seeing you flying somewhere here. So I’m seeing this, huh? This is around she’s talking about your work and you’re getting on a plane and you fly. Yeah. She also is giving me a strong feeling of you speaking and her speaking with you. Okay, okay. Just show that to you. Okay.

Okay, so she talks about too. She’s talking about a mission.

Brian Smith 40:14  

Hmm. Okay.

Stacey 40:17  

And she’s also giving me a feeling of missionary work or mission. She’s given me this, these words. Okay.

Brian Smith 40:25  


Stacey 40:26  

Do you understand? I do. And her work with you on this mission missionary.

Brian Smith 40:34  

Wow. Okay.

Stacey 47:06  

what she wants. She wants to be doing this on a continual basis. Okay. Okay. So she shows me for you, her picking you up now.

Stacey 55:19  

and there’s also feeling with her trips. So I just hear about the trips. Mm

The skeptic in me began calculating the odds of all of this. Suzanne tells a story about Monticello and emphasizes butterflies. Butterflies aren’t one of our most common signs. But, the butterfly sets off our motion detector at the moment I’m flying out of Phoenix, the word printed on the back of the butterfly on the hair band Suzanne found.  

The streaming stopped working, forcing me to listen to downloaded music. Stacey’s reading from almost a year and a half ago catches my attention. Right after watching the butterfly video, I hear her emphasize butterflies as a sign for us. She told me I would be flying to speak behind a podium before I had been invited by Helping Parents Heal to attend this conference.

After we land, I tell Tywana and Kayla the Stacey part of the story. When I mention Imagine Dragons, Kayla tells me that she, sitting several rows ahead of me, also listened to Imagine Dragons, that same album, on the flight back- that’s how connected we are. We love the same music But, I hadn’t listened to that album in months. I didn’t know that I remembered the album as half as long, and the reason it stopped playing is that the second half of the album was released just recently. The first part was already on my phone. The failure occurred when the songs that weren’t on my phone tried to stream. 

The album is called Mercury Acts 1 and 2. I’ve lost count of how many acts were in this highly complicated sing from Shayna.

p.s.- a few days later, as I was telling the story to Carolyn Clapper, she stopped me before I described the butterfly and asked me if it was a black and blue butterfly. She said Shayna had told her that. I believe it was!

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