Day 2657- They Are Trying To Get Your Attention

Because I’m so open about my experiences with the afterlife, people feel free to stop me in the street and ask me if their experience is normal or if they’re going crazy. Every day I walk the same six-mile route. So, I often run into the same people. I’ve gotten to know one of the neighbors along my route very well. Several days ago, she stopped me as I walked past her house and told me she wanted to ask me something. She said she’d call. A few days went by, and she hadn’t called yet. As I walked past her house yesterday, she came out and flagged me down again

“Brian, I have to ask you some questions.’, she said. She told me her brother had passed away the week before. She had three events happen in her house that had her questioning her sanity. She had seen a type of apparition, faint and fleeting, just out of the corner of her eye (do you hear Comfortably Numb playing in your head right now?). She has battery-powered candles on her mantle. They turned themselves on. And the lotion warmer in her bathroom had come on by itself. “Am I going crazy?” she asked.

I assured her she was not going crazy and that this experience is quite common. Her brother is telling her he made the journey and has arrived well. I advised her to talk to him, just as she did when he was here in the body.

44% of adults in the US report feeling the presence of a deceased loved one. I believe when it comes to spouses, the number jumps to something like 70 or 80 percent. But we don’t talk about it. After Shayna passed, I started getting all kinds of signs, which I publicly documented. Because of this, people I’ve known for years, sometimes decades began sharing incredible stories with me. Stories of simultaneous communications on the night someone passed, communications to several family members in multiple states. I heard stories of prophetic dreams. One person told me of a psychic reading he had many decades prior that came true in great detail tens of years after the reading.

After this interaction with my neighbor, I had a call with someone about business networking. Naturally, the conversation turned to the afterlife, signs, and my experiences with Shayna. As I shared with her, she began telling me about seeing cardinals daily for about a year while her son went through an intense, life-threatening crisis. We spoke about how we can miss the signs if we don’t know what to look for. I’m sure that frustrates our loved ones who put a lot of energy into sending these to us. We don’t know exactly how it works. It seems, though, that signs require a lot of effort. It’s important to acknowledge them and express gratitude.

I’m happy to be the guy that people ask these questions. I was able to set my neighbor’s mind at ease by sharing some of these stories. She’s a retired nurse, so she appreciated it when I shared Mark Anthony’s theory with her. Mark thinks we catch spirits in the corner of our eye because of our peripheral vision. The cones in our eyes are concentrated in the center to catch detail and color up front. The rods are located more on the periphery. This might explain why spirits appear to us out of the corner of our eye and often seem ethereal or translucent, without much color.

So, when you see that thing out of the corner of your eye, or your dog is staring into space or tracking something that you can’t see, with her eyes, you’re not going crazy. Your dog isn’t crazy. It just might be your loved one dropping in for a visit.

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship, smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown
The dream is gone
I have become comfortably numb

Pink Floyd- Comfortably Numb

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  1. I have received so many amazing signs from my beloved dog, and friends and family that if I actually told others some of them, I think they would want to send me for a psych evaluation. LOL.
    Sadly when I have shared some of the validations, that brought me so much joy, I ended up feeling vulnerable, as others did not share my enthusiasm. Now, I still get signs, but I silently store them in my heart, as others around me at are not as convinced about an afterlife as I am.

    1. Melissa, I’m a big fan of Jesus. He told us not to cast pearls before swine. This can sound harsh at first. But, he goes on to say not only might the swine destroy our pearls but then turn on us.

      We have to be careful with our stories of signs and after-death communications. Many in the world are not only ready to accept our pearls, they will try to destroy our joy. That’s why it’s so important to be in community with those who get it.

      You’re always safe sharing your stories with me.

    2. Melissa,
      I think you’ve found a good, receptive place to share! Even if it’s not in person there are many commenters on Brian’s YouTube channel and here that respect and appreciate your experiences.

  2. So true Brian. Comfortably Numb great reference. I have been struggling through a bad marriage for many years and finally called it quits this week. My son on the other side never supported this marriage for years before he transitioned and since his passing almost 2 yrs ago he has kept sending me the same message. He has guided me through this via pendulum so well that it is helping me to end this amicably. An important thing i had to do was have faith that my spirit team are there and are making this parting a smooth one as they know it is for my higher good.

    1. Karen, it’s hard to let go of what we know, even if we know it’s not serving us. I’m glad you’re feeling confident in your decision and supported.