Day 266- Hey, Wait A Minute. You Can See Me?

As I am traveling through my dreamland tonight, I make a stop at a convention of some sort. There are displays and I’m wandering the floor, bored. I make a couple of passes and am just about to leave when I look over and see a girl up on a table on all fours bent over-coloring. She is about 10-12 years old. She is surrounded by other kids; and is just all into her coloring. As I keep looking I think she looks a lot like Shayna, but it can’t be Shayna. Shayna is dead. I make my way over to where she is and she hops down off of the table and looks up into my eyes. It is Shayna. I just stare at her beautiful face for a few seconds taking it in. I don’t dare speak or reach for her because I know she will disappear. She stares back and me, then this look of recognition comes over her face. She gets that huge Shayna grin and exclaims “Hey, wait a minute! You can see me?” I smile and say “Hi, Sweetie.” Then I wake up, back in my bed, covered in chills.

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