Day 272- Overcomer

A few weeks ago at church they played the song Overcomer by Mandisa. This is not normally my type of song. It’s way too upbeat and perky (especially right now). It’s so bubble-gum pop with a little country thrown in, but I kinda like it. This morning I wake up and Overcomer, Just One Victory (Todd Rundgren) and Don’t You Worry About Me (Lukas Graham) are looping around in my brain.

The sun has decided to pay us a visit after taking a vacation for more than a week and I go for a walk and listen to a Podcast about, what else, death. The Podcast ends and I have a good half mile left in my walk, so I put on the playlist I threw together based on the inspiration I had this morning and tack on an extra half mile.

I get some things accomplished for the business today. I’m exploring starting a group for grieving parents and I get an invitation from a friend about another spiritual group that interests me. As long as I’m going to be here, might as well make the best of it. These are some things to look forward to.

Today’s a good day, at least as good as they get. It doesn’t mean it’s a day with out tears. It is not. It doesn’t mean it’s a day when I don’t miss Shayna. It doesn’t mean it’s a day when I don’t look forward to going home. However, it’s a day when I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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