Day 285- Accept Reality. Seek Reality. Transcend Reality

Accept Reality. Seek Reality. Transcend “Reality”

When we come into the world, it’s a place of magic and beauty and wonder. Anything is possible, we think. We have imaginary friends. I had Kenny and David. I always wanted a big brother. I was the oldest child my mother had, but I had two big brothers. There’s Santa Claus. There’s the Easter Bunny. There’s a Big God up in the Sky watching over you (and judging you). Adults are all knowing and all powerful. We’re safe as long as we’re with mommy and daddy. But, soon they tell you to “grow up” and start facing reality. Santa Claus was a lie. Your imaginary friends aren’t real. No one can really keep you safe. What is real is only what you can see, touch, taste, smell or hear. Accept reality and become an adult is what you’re told.

And we take this on. For a while it works. We dutifully go about dealing with the reality our sensory organs allow us to experience. For some of us this it breaks down along the way though. We have this longing in heart for something more. We have this deep knowing that something isn’t right. We sense we don’t belong here. We become Neo in the Matrix and we go off in search of our Morpheus and the red pill. We want to see beyond the illusion. My good friend Roberta has a Podcast (that I highly recommend to anyone waking up from the illusion) called Seek Reality. It’s aptly named because it examines the evidence that this is not all there is and we are not simply what we appear to be through the very limited set of eyes we have to see with now. If you’re willing to open your eyes, there is so much more to see. People will claim you’re denying reality, but you’re actually opening yourself up to the bigger picture.

But, even this reality sometimes sucks. And that is where I am right now. I have to transcend reality as it exists for me at this moment in time. The prospect of not seeing Shayna again is more than I can bear. I sometimes wonder if I’m in denial with the way I’m dealing with this. I mean I should face reality and accept my life as I knew it is over. I should just “move on” (God how I hate that phrase). I should face reality. What I have chosen to do though is to transcend this “reality”. I will not see Shayna again in the flesh, but the flesh is not all I am. Shayna is there waiting for me in a form I can’t perceive right now. Shayna is still here with me now, still a part of this family. I choose to view this as a temporary separation, a necessary evil for my greater good. I view this as Shayna being on vacation (like she was that last week of her time here) while I’m still at work. I’ll keep working until my job is done, then we’ll be together again. That’s reality.

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