Day 286- Jesus Dream

I just realized in all of the years I was obsessed with death and Hell and trying to please God, I’m pretty sure I never had a dream with Jesus in it.  I wonder why. Well, last night I did.  Funny thing is I didn’t remember the dream right away when I woke up, but as I was doing my walking meditation this morning it came back to me and I remembered waking up after the dream and thinking about it.

In my dream I was talking to a spirit guide I guess. I say talking but, it was more like we were communicating telepathically and more with intent than with words. I was asking him to tell me more about Jesus.  He started to draw on the sky which became like a huge sheet of parchment.  The drawing covered the entire expanse of sky that I could see.  His drawing was like a Michaelangelo drawing or painting in sepia tones– devoid of color. But as he drew, the images became alive and were moving. I was marveling at his technique, even as I marveled at the intricacies of this world that lies outside of our vision.  I asked him if this is where Jesus is and he indicated “No” and drew a hole in the center of the sketch which revealed a world beyond even that world and he began filling in the details of that world. The vastness of it overwhelmed my mind.  Our world was just this tiny part of a world beyond which was just a tiny part of the next.  I asked if this was where Jesus was. Again, the same response.  He drew a whole in that world which allowed me to see into the next. Each time I could still see our world and the in between worlds, but there was this tunnel forming through which I could see deeper and deeper or higher and higher. Finally after about three or four of these, I asked again and then I saw Jesus looking down through the holes all the way into our world, but He was immense. Each world was so much bigger than the one inside of it and so much more detailed, but when He looked down through the tunnel to me, He was so immense I could only see His eye, which covered the entire portal.   

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