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Day 2881- A Tale of Positive Intelligence: Navigating A Tricky Mother’s Day

Hello there! I have an intriguing story to share that offers a glimpse into how my mind operates and, perhaps, how our minds work in general.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, ripe with promise and potential for joy. Of course, Mother’s Day is complicated when you have a daughter in spirit. It’s a day that is a potential trigger for many. We have worked to keep it upbeat and joyous.

My 26-year-old daughter Kayla joined us, and we whisked my wife away for a fabulous brunch, one of the best I’ve ever had. As we returned home, we each relaxed in our own ways, and soon it was time for me to prepare a special chicken piccata dinner for my wife.

I headed to the kitchen, only to find that the stove wouldn’t ignite. The entire island, including the exhaust fan and the Amazon Alexa, was powerless. During a beautiful day, everything seemed to take a sudden downturn. Despite a minor workaround – manually lighting the gas cooktop with a lighter – this unexpected glitch consumed my mind. When something is wrong in the house, when an appliance doesn’t work, all I can think of is how to make it right and how much time or money it will cost.

Questions flooded my brain: What’s wrong with the stove? How much will it cost to fix? I checked the circuit breaker multiple times, flipping all the switches off and on, hoping to restore power. My mind was preoccupied with the potential costs, the inconvenience, and the worst-case scenarios. Despite this, I pulled myself back into the present, enjoying dinner with my family and Kayla’s boyfriend.

The evening progressed, and we moved outside to the deck, intending to light the gas fire pit. But, as luck would have it, the fire pit wouldn’t light either—another problem to solve, another potential expense. My mind dove into the depths of possible issues and costs, even imagining the challenge of replacing the hefty fire pit. This thing weighs 200-300 pounds and had to be installed with a crane.

Upon inspection, I discovered a corroded fitting on the fire pit, causing the gas to leak underneath rather than fueling the fire. A sense of relief washed over me. It is fixable and, hopefully, won’t be too costly.

That night, my thoughts were a whirlwind of electrical issues and impending expenses. Whenever something in the house is broken, it dominates my thoughts until fixed. I awoke at four in the morning, the stove’s electrical issue at the forefront of my mind. Then, a thought struck me – maybe it was the Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI). Four in the morning is when I get my best ideas. Positive Intelligence might say it’s because my saboteurs are asleep, so my Sage can shine through. I believe it’s when our spirit team has the most access to us because of the state of consciousness we occupy at that time. I felt the idea was inspired. Was it coming from my Team or my Sage? Did it matter?

Simultaneously, I was hopeful and skeptical. If it were just the GFI, the problem would be simple. However, I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I came downstairs, my emotions running the gamut from hopefulness to “it can’t be that simple”. Finally, I mustered the courage to check, and there it was – the tripped GFI. A quick reset later, the stove was functioning normally again.

This experience was a compelling study of my mental processes. Our brains naturally focus on negatives and potential threats; it’s a survival mechanism. But sometimes, we must step back and question whether this constant vigilance is necessary.

My years of practicing Positive Intelligence have helped me manage these situations better. I’ve learned to let go of the worst-case scenarios and bring myself back to the present. Despite the chaos, I enjoyed dinner and the evening with my family.

Interestingly, the same GFI circuit kept tripping a few years back without apparent reason. I was on the verge of replacing it when I wondered if it was a sign from my late daughter, Shayna. I asked her to stop, and the GFI has worked fine since then.

Given that yesterday was Mother’s Day, and Shayna never misses out on being around, I can’t help but think that the GFI and fire pit problems were signs from her. Even though nothing significant had happened to trip the GFI, it still malfunctioned, adding a mysterious layer to the day’s events.

This story serves as a testament to the power of Positive Intelligence in navigating life’s unexpected challenges. As I shared it with a client, she resonated deeply, recognizing a similar pattern in her thought processes.

If you find your mind operating similarly, know it’s a natural part of being human. We tend to focus on the negative, the potential threats, and the worst-case scenarios. It’s natural. Our brains are designed to keep us alive. Our egos are as well. They focus on the negative so we can deal with problems before they destroy us. When we lived on the plains with the lions, we could take a moment to take in the beauty of the flowers. However, the priority was spotting that lion about to pounce. Despite our evolution, it’s within our power to consciously dial back these instincts, to choose a different response.

In the face of adversity, we can practice resilience and positivity. Even when things seem to be going wrong, we can choose to enjoy the present moment and keep our worries in perspective. And sometimes, amid chaos, we might find unexpected signs from those we love. Shayna loves breaking things, like my computer, and fixing them, to get my attention.

I hope you found this story not just entertaining but also insightful. I hope it serves as a reminder that we can always choose our responses to life’s challenges. And even when things go wrong, we can still find joy in the present moment and cherish the love and memories of those no longer with us.

Remember, every day is a journey, and it’s filled with opportunities to practice positive intelligence, resilience, and mindfulness. So, don’t let the hiccups bring you down; instead, use them as stepping stones to become a better version of yourself.

So here’s to embracing the uncertainties, cherishing the present, and practicing positivity, even when life throws curveballs our way. May your every day be filled with more love, laughter, and resilience!

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