Day 2892- It’s Mah Birthday And I Got a Sign

Today, I am 62 years old. My parents (85 and 86) can’t believe I’m so old. Well, Mom, that’s the way time works.

Tonight, we’re having dinner with our neighbors and friends of over two decades, in some cases. We’re going out to a Japanese Hibachi grill. Yesterday, my buddy Tom texted our group that there is a $10 off coupon in Reach Magazine, the coupon book that’s left free in the driveway. I texted Tom back that I always toss those. So, I don’t have the magazine.

This morning, on my walk, laying just off the road on the curb was a pristine copy of…. wait for it…. Reach Magazine.

I’ve been working on manifestation lately. I’ve been listening to Seth’s books. I’m currently on the one about the nature of personal reality. Seth says we create our reality.

I don’t ask for signs on special days, because I don’t want to be disappointed. But this was a pretty good one, Shayna.

The first text is from last night. The second is from this morning, after I found the magazine.

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