Day 290- The Dead Aren’t So Very Far Away

One thing the passing of a celebrity, especially one who dies “early” and suddenly does it is it forces us all, at the same time, to actually face reality, even if for a brief period of time. Prince’s death has thrown people for a loop. He was here today and today, he’s waaaayyyy over there. He was in the land of the living, now he’s one of them. The Dead.

The thing is people, we will all be dead one day. It’s not like any of us is going to stay here forever. Prince just a week ago today played a concert in Atlanta. Just yesterday morning, he was one of us, now he’s one of them.

The veil I think is a lot thinner than I once thought. Death isn’t a major thing where we’re here today and we cease to exist tomorrow. And those who have crossed over, I think are closer than most of us can conceive of.

A friend has wondered and hoped that Prince can see the tributes to him. I’m pretty sure he can. I’m pretty sure he’s right here watching. It’s a shame we wait until someone dies to really appreciate them, but I don’t think that means they miss it.

One by one, day by day, we’ll all get our turn at moving from here to there. That is something we know beyond a doubt. It may be sudden, like Shayna or like Prince, or we might get a lot of warning, but it will happen. I think when it does, most of us will say “That’s what I was worried about? Ha! That was no big deal.”

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