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Day 2956- I Love You Always Forever

Yesterday, I was in my car running some errands. I had the music on shuffle, allowing Apple’s algorithms to choose the next song. Donna Lewis’ “I Love You Always Forever (Philly Remix) came up. I’ve always loved the simplicity of this song and Donna Lewis’ sweet voice. So, it caught my attention. I listened to some more cuts from her album. But I consider her a one-hit wonder, at least in my world. As I approached home, I listened to the song’s original version again. This morning, as I was shaving, I put the song on again! It was stuck in my head.

When I came downstairs, I opened my laptop to do some work. As I got to YouTube to edit the description of one of my videos, I saw that my favorite cover band, IMY2 (I Miss You 2), had put a new video out 19 hours ago, just about the time I was listening to Donna Lewis. IMY2 is fronted by a woman named Annalise. They are one of the best cover bands in the world. I had to see what gem Annalise had given us this time.

Guess what song they published yesterday, just about the time I was getting Donna Lewis’ song stuck in my head?

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  1. My concern is that others – particularly those fresh in grief – could misinterpret targeted content as communication from the other side. People could attribute an electronic event to spirit when it’s simply algorithms working in the background.

    For instance, let’s say I have Siri activated, or an internet connected TV that’s always listening to me. Let’s also say my Mom recently passed. I’m in the kitchen talking out loud to Mom while my devices are recording me and preparing to push me targeted content – email spam, YouTube suggestions, next songs, news stories, etc. – based on my conversation.

    Let’s say two days later I’m surfing YouTube. Lo and behold an ad pops up that syncs perfectly with what I’d been saying to Mom. That could easily be misinterpreted as a sign.

    Do you have any advice for people wondering if a sign was in fact a sign?

    1. You make an excellent point. I tell people to remain skeptical but open-minded when it comes to signs (or anything). Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. When I get a sign, I first look for the most straightforward explanation. Not every phone call is a sign. Not every bird that flies by is a sign.

      Our devices are constantly listening, and most of us who have Alexa’s in our houses have noticed that we will see ads for things we’ve discussed. Or, if you’re shopping for something and come back to Facebook, you’ll be immediately flooded with ads for that very thing.

      But while I encourage people to think before accepting everything as a sign, there is a danger of overanalyzing. Our loved ones often used electronics to send signs to us. I’ll give you a quick example.

      One day, every episode of my podcast suddenly showed the same cover art on the app on my phone. The cover had changed to a picture of my daughter when she was about two years old. Long story short, it was only on my phone and only persisted for a day or so. No one else had that experience.

      I have no earthly explanation for how this happened.

      1. Agree with you Brian. Our loved ones do use electronics. I’ve experienced it as well. I heard your podcast last year with Louise Hamlin (WhatsApps From Heaven) and that blew me away, particularly because she brought a skeptical lawyer’s mind to it and finally had to submit to the fact there was no other explanation. Sounds like your daughter has become quite adept at manipulating electronics too. Thanks for the conversation.

  2. Brian, your post made me think of AI. So many of our devices are listening to us, often without our consent. As technology becomes more embedded in our everyday lives, how do we – those of us who know that consciousness survives permanent bodily death and the afterlife IS real – make the distinction between genuine communication from the other side (e.g. signs, synchronicities) and AI generated and targeted content? No one is talking about this.
    Appreciate you bringing a rational, engineer’s mind to these subjects. Would like to hear your take. Thanks!

    1. As AI gets better, it will be increasingly difficult to differentiate between what was created by a human and what was created by an artificial intelligence. I don’t see how this will be any different when it comes to afterlife communication though. AI can’t create signs and synchronicities. It can create content like text and images. Do you have any specific concerns?

  3. Signs, for us, from the After(this)Life. I get them, and I love them! Recently, in a Zoom group, someone asked, “How do you know it’s a sign?” The unanimous response was, “If you recognize it, it’s for you.” I agree. I have gotten (so many) coins with important dates, license plates, animals & insects (right as I’ve requested them), special songs (repeatedly), spoken evidential messages from mediums, rainbows, cloud formations, stones with incredible shapes, undeniably personal & relevant “synchronicities,” things over which I have no control occurring on special anniversary dates, and the list goes on… Gratitude is what I have come to feel, for their many efforts to show me and comfort me.