Day 309- Spontaneous Remission

As I was listening to a biologist discuss how our mental outlook can impact our genetics and our health (the field of epigenetics), he made the point that after NDEs many people have what doctors call spontaneous remissions, the rest of us call them miracles. Anita Moorjani is just one very famous case, a woman with end stage cancer, multiple tumors all over her body and hours from a certain death after suffering for four years just days after her NDE, the scans showed the tumors shrinking. Now years after that event , she is cancer free.

There is a concept of “as above so below”, many things that exist on a small scale are images of things on a larger scale. If you think of the Earth as an organism and all of the wildlife, oceans, plants and people as parts of the body some would say the Earth is sick, very sick. I’ve been pondering lately why it is that we human beings don’t know who we are. I’ve come to the conclusion for a large part of our history we did know but we forgot when we began to rely on materialism. But some of us are waking up to who we truly are- eternal spirit beings, all just different versions of ourselves with an interconnected consciousness. Essentially, we are cells in an eternal spiritual body. If this is true, perhaps when enough of us have the awakening Anita Moorjani did the decline of the Earth will experience a spontaneous remission. If not by some miracle or woo-woo stuff maybe by our stepping down the competition and stepping up the cooperation.

It’s a thought and it’s something for the light workers of the world to consider. Raising the consciousness of the planet isn’t just a good thing to do spiritually, it could literally Heal the World. Cue Michael Jackson.

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