Day 314- Carpenter Bees and Crocuses

I spend a lot more time outside these days.  Typically I’ll walk about five miles a day. Walking gives me time to think and to process.  It burns off excess energy and the anger and frustration.  It gives me a chance to listen to some uplifting music or some really poignant music.  I also spend a lot of time just sitting on the deck observing nature.  

Carpenter bees are among nature’s most annoying creatures. Starting a couple of weeks ago they started hovering around the deck- one particular spot- the very spot where I sit. I hate killing anything.  I even avoid the worms on the sidewalk in the morning. They deserve to live out their lifecycle. Carpenter bees don’t sting, they just buzz. I tolerated this thing for a few days thinking it would eventually get bored and move on, but no such luck. So I Googled remedies.  Swatting was the simplest. So I got out the fly swatter. Sorry buddy, you got to go.  I whacked him and immediately felt terrible.  Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.  I killed him. Then, I realized it wasn’t one bee, there were several.  It was war.  Over the course of the next several days I gradually thinned them out, maybe they got the message and moved on.  Ah, well. I try to be all Zen, but sometimes some things just have to go.

I’ve never been much of a flower person, but a few weeks ago I noticed the crocuses coming up, the first real sign of spring. Then, the daffodils came up and the crocuses were gone. Then the tulips. Then the tulips started dropping their petals. Now the irises are blooming.  I actually never noticed this progression before.  Normally when I see a flower dropping its petals it makes me a little sad.  It marks the passage of time and means spring is moving on.  Not this year.  I actually get a little burst of glee as I see the tulips withering this year.  Anything that moves time forward is a good thing. If I had a fast forward button, I’d hit it right now.  James Taylor once said in a song “The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.”  Yeah, that’s It. Just keep on rolling.  

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