Day 319- Mother’s Day

Today is the day after the Derby Party and this year it’s Mother’s Day. It’s the first Mother’s Day since Shayna’s passing. We all have a special bond, Tywana, Kayla, Shayna and I, but Shayna was very much like Tywana in a lot of ways. And with Shayna not here, a huge hole is left in Tywana’s life- probably more than I will ever know. 

We decided to have the Derby Party in spite of Mother’s Day being the day after. Tywana was hesitant because she thought Saturday might be a down day for her, but the party was good for us.  Today we’re planing to go to church and nothing really special. Since Tywana’s mother lives in town now, we’ll see her. One of her brothers and his family are planning to come up. Two more of them decide at the last minute they’re going to come. So, her older brother picks her mother up from the retirement center and brings her over.  We haven’t planned a Mother’s Day meal.  We were going to eat leftovers from the party. There’s plenty. So, that’s what we have. 

It’s good that they came.  I hope it provided a distraction for Tywana. We decide we’ll go out to dinner tomorrow when the restaurants aren’t so crazy.  

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