Day 320- Rainy Days and Mondays

Karen Carpenter sang “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” That’s not true for me right now. Today is both. It’s raining and it’s Monday.  The weather used to have a huge impact on my mood. I still love the sun and warmth, but I am more patient with the rain and the cold. I know it will pass soon enough. As I sit in meditation today by my bedroom window, where I overlook the backyard, I occasionally open my eyes and glance out at the steady rain. The rain comes comes and the rain goes. It’s raining now. It won’t be raining tomorrow, or it will be. It’s a minor difference one way or the other. It’s a changing condition in a world where things are constantly changing. I don’t get attached to the sunshine, I just enjoy it. I don’t resist the rain. I just observe it. Monday is one day out of seven. It’s nothing to dread. It comes and it goes.

The mediation session is satisfying. I feel like I’m getting the hang of this. Sitting with no expectations was difficult for me at first. I have to admit I would still like some sort of “breakthrough”. Maybe just once to leave my body or levitate or something really cool. In the meantime, I find that sitting and doing nothing on a regular basis is helpful in keeping my mind healthy and that is good enough for now.

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