Day 330- Helping Parents Heal- Phoenix

By coincidence, we have scheduled our first ever trip to Phoenix for this week, a couple of weeks after we have agreed to start the Cincinnati chapter of HPH. Tywana planned the trip in February before she had heard of HPH. Phoenix is where Elizabeth Boisson and Mark Ireland started HPH. Mark has since moved, but Elizabeth is still here and so is one of the Board members, Ernie Jackson and his wife Kristine. So, we decide to get together for breakfast for one of those rare opportunities to meet a Facebook friend face to face.

The conversarion flows freely as we are all members of a club no one wants to be in. The admission price is much to high. To be a member, you must give the life of one of your children. In Ernie’s case it was his 9 year old son, Quinton, in Elizabeth’s case, her 20 year old son Morgan. We talk about our children and how amazing their lives on Earth were, the innate wisdom they possess, the bravery to make the sacrifices they made for us and what do we do with that now. We talk about how they are still in our lives and our belief that we will see them again. We have each been drawn to Unity church since our child’s passing. Ernie has relatives in Cincinnati he would like to visit. We agree to have him out for a HPH meeting once things get going there. Before we know it an hour and a half has passed and it’s time for them to go on with their days.

Joining HPH wasn’t as much a choice for us as, at least while we are incarnated, as it was something placed in our path. We knew this was something we had to do given the circumstances we have found ourselves in and the synchronistic events that kept leading us to Elizabeth Boiswon, Roberta Grimes, Susanne Wilson, Mark Ireland and Mark Pitstick. It’s one those decisions that couldn’t have been any clearer if there had been a neon sign saying “Turn this way”.

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