Day 339- Soon I’ll Be 60 Years Old

In the song “Once I Was 7 Years Old” Lukas Graham goes from reflecting on the ages of 7, 11 and 20 in his past to contemplating 30 and 60 in his not too distant future. As a man in his 20s maybe he doesn’t realize just how well this four minute song so succinctly captures the passage and acceleration of time as the decades roll on. You’re 7, then 11, then 20, then 30 and the next thing you know you’re 60. Thank merciful God the past year has flown by. Shayna passed exactly 11 months and 3 days ago. Every single day passed is a blessing because it’s one day closer to the end of the journey.

Yesterday was my birthday. Tywana and the girls always want me to do something exciting for my birthday. What they don’t understand is it’s a good day no matter how it’s spent. Yesterday the first thing on the calendar was a meeting with the pastor of the church we are attending. Unity of Garden Park has agreed to host our Helping Parents Heal chapter. This is huge. Not only do we have an official place to meet, the church will promote us in the bulletin, etc. With their help, we hope to have a viable group. We will start meeting in August.

Tywana gave me a gift of a reiki healing session and an acupressure massage. Nice. I’m looking forward to that.

After that, I had a demo of a software we are considering. That took about an hour. I took a short stroll and had a cigar and a short bourbon before Tywana chauffeured me to a show at the new comedy club where we had dinner along with the show. Came back home to watch the basketball game. Because Kayla had training for her new job, she didn’t get home until around 9:30. She wanted me to celebrate my birthday, so she brought me a surprise banana split. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I was completely sruffed from a giant club sandwich, French fries and bread pudding ordered at Tywana’s insistence. Tywana wanted me to have bread pudding because it was my birthday. I don’t eat a lot of sweets. But, when your baby brings you a birthday surprise banana split, you shut up and eat it.

Overall, it was a good birthday. They all are. Today, I am one more day closer to 56. And soon I’ll be 60 years old.

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