Day 342- Synchronicity Abounds

Synchronicity in life is something I didn’t pay any attention to until I started looking for signs from Shayna. Now that I am more open to synchronicity, I am finding it more and more. I am reading a book about a guy who died and how his peers began looking for synchronistic occurrences and finding them abound. This has made me even more aware of not just signs from Shayna, but things that happen all the time that we just dismiss as coincidence.Here are two from just the last couple of days.

As we arrived back in Cincinnati from our trip, it was clear we weren’t going to get home until around dinner time. Tywana hadn’t filled up the car before we left so we noticed as we made the 45 minute trip to the airport a week prior that we were very low on gas. Being tired from the trip I just wanted to get home and unwind. We started the trip back home and Waze routed us the long way around I-275 from the airport due to rush hour traffic on I-75. This is out of our way, but we followed Waze. I was hoping to have enough gas to make it home and leave the hassle of stopping for gas until tomorrow when I was more refreshed. As we were driving, Tywana suggested Popeye’s chicken for dinner. This meant a stop on the way home. Not too bad.There is. Popeye’s a few minutes from the house. But, as we were approaching the Colerain Avenue exit on 275, the “Refill” light came on the dashboard. I don’t like to drive far with the light on, but I really didn’t want to make two stops on the way home. I pulled off on the next exit which was a few miles down the road. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to stop twice. As I was making my way to the Shell station, I noticed that this particular Shell station had a fast food restaurant attached to it. The restaurant? Popeye’s. We made one stop, got gas and chicken. This is not a route we would normally take and we had never been to this gas station or this Popeye’s. We didn’t even know it was there.

Yesterday, Tywana and I were talking about killing the weeds around the mailbox. I suggested she spray with Roundup instead of trying to pluck them out. Then I suggested maybe making up the natural weed killer we first tried last summer. It’s a mixture of Epson salts, dishwashing liquid, vinegar and water. I couldn’t remember the exact recipe. This morning, as we were sitting in church each looking through our bulletins at the exact same moment we spotted it, the recipe for the weed killer was printed in the church bulletin.

These are small things. They could be coincidence. What are the odds of either event occurring? I don’t have any idea how to calculate it. But, noticing them does make me wonder. Life appears to be so random, but just how random is it actually? I’m starting to believe not nearly as random as we think.

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