Day 353- Another Synchronicity

I’m currently reading a book by an author, Paul Davids. The book is excellent.  It’s titled “An Atheist In Heaven” and it documents approximately 100 signs from a guy who was an atheist after he passed on. He was a complete skeptic with no belief in the afterlife whatsoever, but he told his friends he would check in, if he was wrong.  

It turns out he has given amazing signs to many people across several years.  Many of them were witnessed by multiple people (including ultra skeptics) and some have been documented and investigated scientifically.

Back to the point of this post. I am out of Podcasts since I listen to about one a day and I had none to listen to today. So I went to iTunes in search of a new Podcast wondering how I’d chose one of the thousands that are out there.  Almost immediately, I found one called “Mysterious Universe” and as I was looking through the show topics, not ten from the top was an interview with Paul Davids, the author of the book I am currently reading.  

As it turns out, I didn’t learn anything new from his interview because I am, in fact, reading the book.  But, it seems like it’s a Podcast I’ll continue to listen to.

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