Day 355- Coming Up On Shayna’s Angel-versary

Today in my Facebook news feed I saw a picture I posted one year ago today of Shayna right after she had her hair cut short. The picture was taken Easter last year and was one of the last pictures we have of her.  Little did we know in just  a few short weeks how much time would change.

One of my Facebook groups posts pictures of our kids on the dates of their birthdays and the dates when they crossed over.  As I read through them every day I look forward to the first anniversary with both anticipation and dread.  I have no idea how to describe the last year.  It’s gone both incredibly and mercifully fast. I didn’t think I’d be able to last a year and I’ve almost done it.  On the other hand, it’s been interminable. A year of waking up every day missing one of the three people in the world who gave my life meaning.  

I looked at Shayna’s picture this morning and felt gratitude for the time we had together, longing for the time when we’ll see each other again and I shed a tear for this time in between.

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