Day 38- More Weird Happenings

The podcast I listened to this morning on my walk was about getting signs from your loved ones after they pass. I will freely admit I am hyper-sensitive to everything now. Seeing a bird, “Is that a sign?”  “Did that squirrel look at me funny?” “I keep seeing this black butterfly.”  Not everything is a sign, but I am looking for them.

The author of the book, and several people, have said electrical occurrences are common- telephones, lights, televisions acting weird, etc.  I’m not going to report every incident.  Our TV and cable box act flaky all the time, but the TV and the Apple TV (which is normally really stable) have been doing weird things. 

I called Ty on the way home from my appointment with the counselor yesterday afternoon. I voice dialed using my phone “Call home” I told Siri. The phone rang and went to voicemail. The greeting was “Hi, you’ve reached Treasured Locks.  Today is… (garbled).”  This is a voicemail greeting I recorded for Treasured Locks (our business) several years ago. I don’t change the voicemail greeting every day anymore. I haven’t in a very long time and this was not our business line.  I dialed our home number.  I thought, “That’s strange.  First of all that greeting is years old.  Second, it’s on the wrong phone line.”  Just at that moment, after I had hung up and before I could dial back, Ty texted me.  “I’m at the pool with friends.”  OK. That’s strange. I hadn’t spoken with her for over three hours. And she texts me at just the moment I was trying to call her.  My first thought was that she had heard the phone ring, but she wasn’t at home. She was at the pool.  

Later that night, we were on the couch watching the movie Selma. Kayla was with us.  My mind was on Shayna. She wanted to see the movie and I love sharing history with the girls and teaching them.  I was feeling melancholy because those days are over with her.  We have a light on the deck that is activated by a motion sensor.  High winds will move the trees enough to turn it on, but it was still last night.  Animals running across the deck will turn it on.  So those are two rational explanations as to why it comes on sometimes seemingly randomly. But, it’s also set to stay on for a period of time after it comes on.  It doesn’t go right back off. It’s about five minutes on then, it goes off.  Anyway, last night it kept coming on, it would stay on for maybe a minute then it would turn off again.  So, unless some critter was running back and forth across our deck (unlikely) I can’t explain that either. And I cannot explain why it was going off so quickly after coming on.  Stevie also would have gone nuts if she had heard anything running across the deck.  

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