Day 380- You Will Make It

I wake up on a beautiful Saturday morning. I’ve even slept in. It’s almost 7:30. I look around the room and the first thing in my mind as always is Shayna. It’s a nice day I can tell even with the shades down, but as Bill Withers said “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone”. I think to myself that I haven’t woken up crying in a long time though. What’s changed? Shayna is still on my mind. I miss her as much. The memories are still there. I don’t know.

I go for my walk. Today I’ll listen to some music that pumps up my pace. The knees are feeling pretty good so I’m up for it. Now, to decide on the music. I finally settle on Jem’s album “Down To Earth”. I love that album. So many songs on it speak to me. And I remember when Kayla was getting her 8th-grade honor awards playing the album for the girls as we drove across state.

I’m hitting a great pace on my walk when the song “You Will Make It” comes on. This song practically brought me to tears before Shayna’s passing. I can’t listen to it now without the full waterworks. I listen to it twice, picturing Shayna right here beside me telling me she did not die, she’s right here, and just keep putting one foot in front of the other and every day I am one day closer to making it.


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