Day 391- Here For Times Like These?

I think every generation since about the first has thought “This is it. Things are so bad they can’t get much worse.”  When you throw religion into that mix and the last times stuff predicted by Paul (over 2,000 years ago), people have been moaning about the state of the world for a very long time and looking for the end.

In the meantime, the world, by just about any objective measure, has gotten better.  Abject poverty is decreasing. Food is becoming more plentiful.  Less people are dying in wars.  Slavery is no longer considered normal. Countries don’t routinely invade or “discover” other countries.  Health is better.  Children are considered people. Women are considered people.  People are living longer.  Education is on the rise. Yet, we feel something is missing.  

What has happened over the last several hundred years is people have, by and large, forgotten who we are, why we are here and where we came from.  In short, we have become disconnected from our Source and feel adrift.  Science promised us all the answers and science has delivered in a big way on improving our (material) lives. Science has been so successful in that regard that many of us have come to worship science which is based on materialism.  Much of the improvement in the world is due to science.  But, as we have become increasing reliant on a materialistic worldview, we have lost something vital to being a human being.

In the last couple of hundreds years there has been a small but steadily growing movement of people who while not going back to the blind faith of religion (which taught us who we are and where we came from) have realized the limitations of science and have been examining all of the evidence around us from both an analytical view and an introspective view.  They have begun assimilating knowledge from various fields which were silos- philosophy, physics, religion, parapsychology, Near Death Studies, contacts with mediums and begun to paint a more complete portrait of what our reality truly is and who we are.  Many of these people believe we are on the cusp of a quantum leap forward in human knowledge which could lead to a fundamental shift in human life and capabilities.

At times the turmoil in the world seems overwhelming and if we focus too much on the small day-to-day details we can be dragged into despair. There is a sense of weariness around the country at this moment as we going through a particularly contentious election cycle, have been struck by ISIS inspired terrorists on the homeland, have had police officers targeted for assassination and we see images of people being killed by the police in questionable, at best, circumstances.  Some say as the light here grows, as more of us raise our consciousness, the souls who don’t want that to happen will push back and things might get worse for a time.  And, as they say “only the good die young.”  I’ve been missing leadership like MLK, musicians like Michael Jackson and Prince, people who could help us navigate these trying times. Why are they gone?   

Here’s where it gets crazy.  The saying “only the good die young” may have some merit. There are souls that come here for a brief season to work here, maybe to help others and go back home, but another reason they leave early is they are working from the other side.  Michael Jackson is only a couple of years older than I am. i watched him grow up. I could identify with a kid from Gary, IN, a little black kid.  I love his music, his passion for children, his care for the Earth and his sense of global community. I was heartbroken when he died so young.  There is a researcher working on ways to communicate with those who have passed on who is working with a team on the other side.  He kept some of the names secret for a long time. He recently revealed that Michael Jackson is one of those on the other side working on this project. Could it be true? 

I’ve been told that the souls, or at least some of the souls, here on Earth now have come here specifically for this time- perhaps that’s true of all times. I don’t know if I’m fully committed to the idea this shift is happening and I’ll see it in my lifetime, but I hope to do my part to make it happen and I believe that Shayna is doing her part from where she is.

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