Day 392- You’re Never Alone

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about suicide.  I have also posted on our Helping Parents Heal page an article about suicide prevention by Dr. Mark Pitstick (When You Are Considering Suicide).  Sadly, in the last two weeks I have had contact with three people on Facebook who were considering suicide.  This article has been very helpful as I’ve talked with them. One made an attempt and was saved by quick action by people on Facebook who located someone who knew here and got the police there. Another, after a few of us encouraged her, checked into a mental health facility and contacted me after she got out to let me know she is doing better. The third I contacted just yesterday after a post on Facebook set off alarm bells. I won’t reveal who she is, but she is a young girl with a young daughter who has found herself in a very tough situation that she can’t see getting better. We talked for quite a while.  I hope I was able to help.

As I was talking to her I could identify with everything she was saying. She just wanted a nice easy life. She doesn’t know how she can go on without her husband who passed three years ago. The good new is she knows life goes on even after we shed this body, but she’ so weary of this body, she just wants to hit the reset button. I was trying to talk her into staying around, but I could relate to everything she was saying and I had to acknowledge that.

Sometimes we feel we are alone. The way things are set up here, we feel like we are individuals disconnected from everyone and everything around us. The truth is we are way more connected than we think. She and I had never interacted before. She’s been on my friends list for quite a while. She had no idea I would take an interest in her welfare, but I did.  She feels alone, but as I talked to her I found out she has at least two people who are dependent on her.  I reminded her that her husband is right there with her, but I know when you can’t hear from or see or touch that person those words can ring hollow. As I talked to her I imagined Shayna sitting right here next to me and I truly believe she is, even though I can’t feel her with my physical senses.

To the young lady, if you’re reading this, I hope you decided to try to make it one more day for those loved ones you told me you have. I hope that you can find the strength to go on and fill the plan for you for this incarnation. You will see your husband again. And, you have a lot to live for in this life. It will get better.

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