Day 402- Where Do The People In My Dreams Go?

Tonight as I am making my astral travels, I have a bizarre and intense dream. Some say that every night or at least most nights, we travel to visit our guides and angels and even our Risen loved ones. Unfortunately, we can’t recall these travels consciously. What I recall are bizarre snippets, called dreams.

In this dream I am making dinner for Tywana and the girls and my family. I’m trying catfish. I used to do this for Tywna and the girls. I would cut the fish into bite sized chunks. We called them catfish bites. I’m trying up a bit batch of them. Physics are bizarre in my dreams and I never question how it works. At times the stove top is at eye level and I can barely see over the edge of the skillet. Other times it’s normal. I don’t know how it changes. I am using a spatula to fry the fish. I don’t question why I’m not using tongs which are my preferred tool. I don’t even recognize the kitchen I’m in. I’ve never been in that kitchen, but while I’m dreaming I don’t even notice nothing around me is familiar except the people. I occasionally manipulate the fish in the hot oil with my fingers. It doesn’t burn. It’s no surprise to me. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever felt pain in a dream, even when injured.

I am finishing up the last batch and I call the family to the table. As they are gathering, the remaining fish on the plate to be fried suddenly multiplies and I realize I have a whole ‘nother batch to fry. I tell them to go ahead and start eating while I finish up the last batch. Then I get that waking feeling. When I’m dreaming, I will feel this pulling upward and out of my body and I sense I’m waking up. I wonder how if this is what it feels like to “die”. I don’t want to take up though. I want to stay here with them. I want to finish frying the fish and eat with them. A moment later I am awake in my bed, disappointed. I ponder how to get back to them to finish up the task, but there is no way back into a dream. That scenario is gone. Are the other characters in my dream there wondering where I’ve gone? Do they just dissipate when the dream is shut down? How real are they?

One of the wild things about dreams is the fact that the other people in them seem so real. We meet people we’ve never met. Things happen that we don’t want to happen and don’t expect to happen. Physics can be very bizarre, but things still happen in a certain order with rules that night be different than the rules in the reality in which we live. But, no matter the dream, we eventually come out of it, back to what we call reality whether we are ready to or not. I look forward to those nightly escapes, as brief and as bizarre as they might be.

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