Day 403- Group Meditation

Tywana’s been looking around for various healing opportunities in the city and we have found several that help from reiki, to the Oneness Blessing, to some meditation techniques.  Today she is heading over to a group meditation at the Episcopal church in Wyoming- about 20 minutes away.  It’s at 9 o’clock on a weekday morning. Normally I would be working, but I decide to go with her.  

We make our way to the church. The group is pretty small- about a dozen people.  Some of them have been coming to the group for as many as six years. They get together once a week to do a group meditation with various intentions (they rotate through six intentions).  They use CDs for guided meditations.  

We introduce ourselves and tell our stories.  Most are here for physical healing- one guy has been battling cancer for over 20 years- various forms- I cannot even imagine.  Another has dealt with prostate cancer.  One has chronic pain. Everyone mentions physical ailments. Then it’s our turn. We are the newbies. So, they saved us for last. Tywana explains that Shayna passed a year ago and we are here to seek some relief from that pain.  

We do the meditation.  It’s my first time doing a group meditation.  It’s kind of strange sitting in a room full of strangers, quietly with your eyes closed for half an hour.  I’m not sure I get the point of group meditation.  One woman says she doesn’t have the discipline to meditate alone. I guess I get that.

After the meditation one of the guys comes over to us and tells us he’s sorry about Shayna.  His son passed five years ago.  He has been attending Compassionate Friends and getting some help from that. He tells us about a recent speaker there and offers to send some information to us. We give him our address.  We tell him about the group we are launching this Sunday with Helping Parents Heal. 

I’m not sure about this group meditation thing.  Maybe I’d try it again, if Tywana wants to go. Meditation seems like a solo thing to me though.

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