Day 409- Everything That Lives Must Die

A few prompts from my vegan friends prompted this post.  There’s a joke that goes like this:

A vegan, an atheist and a cross fitter walk into a bar.  I know because they told everyone in two minutes.

Now I love my vegan friends, and my atheist friends and my cross fit friends, but sometimes they can be a bit overbearing.  A couple of my friends have taken it upon themselves to send me private messages to try to shame me into veganism. They ask me “Have you thought about this?  Have you considered that?  Since you’re meditating and trying to be enlightened, meditate on this.”  They try to shame me into not eating meat because of my afterlife beliefs.  Well guys, yes I have thought about all of those things and I continue to consider them.  Many years ago, when Kayla was just learning to read, I actually sent for some literature from PETA. I made the mistake of leaving it in the backseat of the car unaware at the time that my budding reader would read literally anything she got her hands on. The next thing I knew I started getting questions about why we eat meat. 

I am well aware of the sanctitiy of life, all life.  But in balance with that is we are on a planet where every organism here will die. It’s not if, it’s when.  We come, we serve a purpose and we leave.  I didn’t set it up that way.  And for something to live, something else must die. We see it in nature with carnivores.  But, even the plant eaters eat living organisms. After one of the lectures from one of my vegan friends I was on the deck considering a vine we have growing up our trellis. I was amazed by how that living thing takes in nutrients, grows, reproduces and strives for life.  I marveled at how it wraps itself around anything close and how even one shoot of it is coming off of the post it’s growing on and reaching across for the bar- almost as if it has eyes- it’s growing towards its next anchor point.  I thought about Shayna’s Venus fly trap- a plant that turns the tables and eats insects. Trees communicate in the forest through an amazingly complex network.  Plants feel pain.  Plants respond to music. 

I walk five miles every day.  When I’m walking I try to be conscious to destroy as little life as possible.  If I see an ant or a worm on the sidewalk, I’ll avoid stepping on it, but how many thousands have I killed without even looking?  I use insecticide because I really don’t want my house overrun with insects.  I take antibiotics.  I would eradicate most (all?) viruses, if I had the power.

I was listening to a medium being interviewed one day. I think I might have written about this before. He started channeling animals and thought it would be wise to give up meat since he found out all animals have spirits or souls.  Then, one day he channeled some rabbits who had been raised on a farm for food. The rabbits told him that certain animals come here knowing they will be food, that is their role and they accept it.  The track I’m on now has led me to believe all living things have spirits, even the trees and the flowers and I’m not ruling out the rocks.

My take on it is this. We are going to cause some death and even some suffering by being here. We should be as aware of it as possible and not consciously cause any more than necessary. As of this time in my life I continue to eat meat and I do it with a clear conscience.  But, I appreciate your concern my vegan friends. Keep on enjoying those tofu burgers.

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