Day 410- Broken

Most days I will wake up with a phrase or a word on my mind. That time between sleeping and waking it when my inspiration or my theme for the day will come to me. Today, it’s a single word- Broken.

The last few days have been particularly rough. i could try to figure out why they have been worse than “normal” (at least normal since 06/24/15), but the reason doesn’t matter. They’ve just been tough.  Yesterday I did a yoga nidra meditation. After the meditation I just laid down on the bedroom floor, rolled onto my side in the fetal position, and let go.  I don’t think I fell asleep, but my consciousness was in a place where I wasn’t having to work, not thinking, not processing.  I don’t know how long I was like that, maybe twenty minutes. The nice thing is even the passage of time didn’t matter for a time.  Then I had to get up and face the world again.

So, this morning as I’m on my walk, I listen to songs with the theme of the day.  Broken by Seether and Amy Lee and Broken Down by Eric Clapton are the two that best match my mood today.  It’s a ridiculously humid day.  At 7:30, the temperature is already near 80º.  I’m sweating bullets.  Just a few days ago, I did 6.25 miles and had energy left over.  I only came back to the house because of time restraints. Today, I just crank out my 5, and I’m done.  Spent.

But I have no time to be Broken.  Back to the grind.  One more day.

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