Day 422- Hidden In Plain Sight

The last few days I have read a few things about the afterlife that have reminded me that our departed or Risen, as I am fond of saying now, loved ones have not departed at all.  They have simply slipped into another room.  Or, even more accurately, they’re still in the room, but simply invisible to us. They have shifted to a different frequency that most of us cannot tune into.  Mediums are the exception to this rule. They can tune into those frequencies.

In the last few days, I have “lost” three items.  I lost a cell phone holder for my car, the sunglasses I use when I walk every morning, and I lost my hammer.  I looked for the cell phone holder for my car for two days.  I looked for my sunglasses for three days.  And I looked for the hammer a couple of times over the course of a couple of days.  

I looked for my hammer in my toolbox. It’s a big toolbox, so I took a bunch of stuff out.  It had to be there.  I looked around my toolbox.  Maybe I got lazy and sat it down on the floor around the toolbox.  No luck. I am going to have to buy another hammer. It’s gone. I know it’s in the house, but I cannot find it.  My sunglasses I looked for in the usual places.  Sometimes I leave them on the kitchen table. Sometimes I lay them on my messy desk in my office. Sometimes I leave them on the ottoman in front of the couch. For three days I had to wear other sunglasses because I could not find them.  The cell phone holder I knew was in my office. It had to be. It’s in a box. I’ve never used it. I looked and looked in my office, on my desk, on the shelf where I collect the gear I get for free to review.  I could not find it.

Then one by one, the things started showing up.  I had asked Tywana about the hammer, but I decided to ask her again while our employee was here working in the basement.  Lucky I did.  Lexi spoke up and said, “I saw the hammer, it’s on the shelf.”  I went into the back room and there sat the hammer, on the shelf, not ten feet from the toolbox where it was supposed to be and where I had looked more than once.  Then I went into my office and, when I wasn’t looking, found the cell phone holder, in the box, sitting on my desk, not two feet from where I sit all day long.  I had forgotten what the box looked like thinking it was twice the size it actually is, so when I looked for it, I literally could not see it even though it was right in front of my eyes.  This morning, as I was getting ready to go for my walk, there were my sunglasses, on my dresser. They were sitting right next to the place I grab the remote to turn off the alarm system every single morning, but because they were out of place and I was not looking for them when I was there in the morning, I had looked right over them for three days. Today, for some reason, I finally “saw” them.  As my grandmother would say “If they had been a snake, they would have bitten you.”

I think maybe this has been a lesson for me to reinforce what I have come to believe.  At a meeting a few weeks ago, a woman who sees spirits approached me and said: “Your daughter goes with you everywhere. She said to tell you she still greets you the way she always has.”  I totally believe that our loved ones are still right here with us.  I imagine Shayna still playing with my ear lobes and squishing the veins on the back of my hands.  I say “‘Good morning’to her every morning and ‘Good night’ to her every night.”  I tell her I love her all the time.  And, I believe that she’s right here listening to me and watching me. She’s hiding right here in plain sight, I just don’t have the eyes to see her.

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