Day 426- Just Tired

It’s Saturday. Kayla has been back at college for a week now.  Tywana and are are settling into the new normal. I remember a medium, about a year ago, telling me that I would get used to Shayna being gone.  I’m almost there.  I don’t look for her anymore. But, while I might get used to it, I will never like it.  It’s hard.

It seems nothing is going right, right now.  The old car needed $1,700 worth of work.  The kitchen faucet needs to be replaced. The refrigerator has just died.  Sales for Treasured Locks are down in spite of me spending thousands on advertising and new products. Two distant cousins passed within 24 hours of each other, a 20 year old and a 16 year old.  I’m just sick of this place.  Nothing I put any effort into turns out the way I planned it.  I’m ready for a reset.

Tywana has invited neighbors over for a dinner party tonight. We love to entertain, but we don’t typically do it spontaneously because we put a lot into it. She came back from a night of wine tasting with her friends and told me they had planned an impromptu party for Saturday.  I just do not have the energy for this, so I tell her.  “OK, but it’s on you.” I can’t recall ever feeling this way, but after my walk today I’m tired in the middle of the day. We go out and run some errands. People are supposed to show up around 5:30. At 5:00 she asks if I have any beer for the guests.  Nope. I hadn’t even thought about it. We have some beer in the basement. That’ll have to do.  Normally, we’d have a varitety. Tonight, it’s Shock Top or nothing.   It was on sale at Meijer’s so I picked up a couple of 12 packs.

The neighbors show up.  We’ve made crock pot jerk chicken. It was easy and not a lot of thought.  The neighbors bring the sides. We’re supposed to only be here for an hour or so, then head over to the social at the swim club.  Guess what happens?  Yep. Six hours later, the last guest leaves. it’s a good thing we found that beer and had a few extra bottles of wine on hand.  We have great friends.  It’s always good seeing them, even when I’m feeling like this.  

Maybe I’ll get a second wind.

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