Day 43- Cardiologist with Kayla

Out of an abundance of caution we decided to take Kayla to Shayna’s cardiologist appointment that was scheduled many months ago for today. Shayna had a procedure almost two years ago and was supposed to follow up every two years. The day she passed, the doctors called her cardiologist. He was baffled then, he is still baffled now. I did not want to see him again because there is nothing he can tell me about Shayna that is going to help.

We started with an EKG on Kayla that was normal. His exam of her was normal. We followed up with an ECG on Kayla to check the structure of her heart. Again, normal. She will do a stress test. We expect to find nothing. Shayna had all of these tests and passed them except for the pre-excitement which is her Wolfe Parkinson White that was not supposed to be dangerous. We went over Shayna’s case again in detail. Nothing about her case should have put her for risk of death in her sleep. Her extra electrical pathway was not the dangerous variety and even the dangerous ones are dangerous usually under stress. Shayna never had any issues while exercising or during her stress test. Bottom line, nothing in her history put her at risk for what happened to her. There is nothing more we could have done.

We will do the stress test on Kayla and consult with a cardiac genealogist to talk about rare stuff that we maybe will want to consider. Ty also took an EKG and they are going to review mine.

Shayna’s death will probably always be a mystery to us. We hit the reverse lottery. 43 days into this it is still just so hard to believe she is not here. There are just no answers. All we can do is focus on living our lives the best we can from here until we join her.

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