Day 430- They Serve Bagels In Heaven

I get an average of probably 10-15 offers for free products in my email inbox every day.  I am one of Amazon’s top reviewers, so people send products to me to review. Fairly often I get an offer to review a book.  Usually I pass because, as much as I love to read, there are more books I am interested in than I will ever be able to get to.  My queue is constantly full.  

Yesterday I received an offer to read a book titled “They Serve Bagels In Heaven”. I had never heard of it.  It was offered to me because I reviewed   “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers”  I’m not sure if the person promoting the book noticed I hated “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers”.  I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to review it or not.  I’m still about four books down- books I have bought and haven’t even started. I told them if they could send a Kindle version I’d read it.  

Last week I ran out of Podcasts, so this week I started a new one. As I glanced through the available episodes I thought I saw “They Serve Bagels In Heaven” in the title of one of the episodes. I thought I must have someone gotten a glance of the email.  It was just a flash, I barely perceived it, but I started scrolling back through the titles and there it was.  The author of “They Serve Bagels In Heaven” had done a two part interview on this Podcast.  

When I got back home, in my inbox was a gift of the Kindle version of the book.I guess I’m supposed to read it.

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