Day 437- Signs

Tywana listened to a Podcast today.  The guest being interviewed is a woman whose son has passed. Since, she has become a medium and has had many signs from her son.  Two of the signs she mentioned were lights coming on and off and the fan changing speeds on its own.  There is a circuit of lights in our house that stopped working a few months ago. I’m pretty sure it’s the switch. I bought a new switch, but they’re lights we rarely use, so I haven’t installed it.  Today, when I get up, the lights are on. They wouldn’t not turn on at all before. I turned them off and didn’t think much about it. 

Later in the day I go upstairs to our bedroom and the ceiling fan is running and the light is on. I’m always on Tywana and Kayla about leaving the ceiling fan on, but Kayla isn’t here and Tywana doesn’t turn the light on during the day. I wonder why she’s left it on, I turn it off and think no more about it.  

Later in the day I go upstairs again and the light is on again.  So, I ask Tywana why she keeps turning the light and the fan on. She says she didn’t do it. On top of that, she had come up during the day and found the fan runnning. So that’s at least three times. As we’re going to bed, she tells me about the signs she heard about in the Podcast and the light comes on again.  We are no where near the remote.  

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