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Day 449- Third Eye Blind

As my friend Roberta Grimes is apt to say, I am as psychic as a post. I have no psychic ability whatsoever, but I’’m fascinated by all things psychic.  Recently I began taking a course to raise my level of psychic perception.  I found it listening to a Podcast and I felt it was something I should do.  The course keeps telling me to trust my imagination/intuition/hunches, all the stuff I’m not good at. I became an engineer for a reason. I like concrete answers. I like reasoning my way to a conclusion.  I have a pretty decent intellect and I rely heavily on it. I’m struggling with the course. They are having me do daydreaming exercises and trying to trust what is coming through is inspired, that it’s spirit connecting with me. The author of the course is corresponding with me and I think I’m making progress, but it’s slow.  Trusting my intuition is something I was never taught to do. Quite the opposite.

Serendipitously, I was listening to an Off The Left Eye podcast recently and they mentioned an episode where they do a metaphysical exegesis of the Adam & Eve story as viewed by Emmanuel Swedenborg. Swedenborg is a 18th century mystic who had visions over the course of a few decades. He did metaphysical explanations of many of the Old Testament Bible stories.  The show was over an hour long. I won’t explain it all here, but basically everything in that story, the plants, the animals, the trees, the locations of the trees, Adam, Eve, the snake even the fact that Eve was taken from a rib, has a metaphysical meaning. The gist of the story is that man went from being a being in concert with God, fully dependent on God to know right from wrong to being an independent being trying to determine right from wrong on his own and ending up in a state of confusion. We have become totally reliant on our physical senses (Eve) and our rational mind (Adam) and lost our connection to Source which is our true North. We journey out on our own confused and finally come back around to the realization that we want to and need to rely on Source.   Man was created in naive innocence, gains wisdom, becomes confused and eventually winds up in enlightened innocence. This is the cycle of mankind and of man individually. We are born totally dependent, we know Source, our Third Eye is open. But, we become enamored with the physical. The spiritual is driven out of us.  Eventually, we realize this isn’t working and we seek something else- returning to an enlightened innocence.  (see Enigma’s video Return to Innocence)

I also happen to be reading Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav.  Wow. it’s a really deep book.  What I’ve gotten so far is there is the five sensory man, as Gary calls him. That is the person who relies on what he can sense with his five senses. And there is the multisensory man. The multisensory man sees with his third eye. He has connection to his higher sources like his higher self, his guides, angels and even Source.  Both the five sensory man and the multisensory man receive guidance and help from above. The five sensory man has difficulty discerning this guidance and thinks all his imagining, inspiration, flashes of brilliance, etc. come from himself. The multisensory man knows these things from higher sources, trusts them, seeks them out, works to develop that connection and therefore can make progress through life much more easily.

So, there we have three things coming together in my life at this moment to tell me this is the lesson I should be learning now. A while ago I would not have noticed this convergence of events or if I had I would have chalked it up to coincidence.  But, I’m beginning to see, just a little bit.  There are no coincidences.  Maybe the eye is beginning to open.

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