Day 466- On The Radio

Today, Tywana and I are making a radio appearance. This will be our second local radio station appearance. The first was about five years ago to talk about our company.  Today, we are talking about Helping Parents Heal.  A lot has changed. With Shayna’s passing, we are on another mission in life- helping other parents who have gone through this unspeakable horror.

It’s kind of a stressful start to the interview. Just about the time we’re getting ready to leave, I find the show host has given confusing directions for the address.  I thought it was in Loveland, an easy drive.  Turns out it’s downtown, a not so easy drive at 3:00 in the afternoon.  There’s construction on I-75 that keeps us from getting there 10 minutes early and has us pulling up to the studio at precisely the time we were scheduled to arrive. I’m hopeful we’re at the right location because I was not able to reach the host by phone to confirm.

We walk into the studio and are met by Tara.  Whew!  Right place.  She tells us she has heard a lot about us from Kathy Engelhart, our pastor and the woman responsible for getting Unity of Garden Park to sponsor the group.  We sit down with Tara and fill her in a little on our background since we have about 15 minutes before air time.

The interview goes very well, I think. It’s basically just a conversation.  I’m wondering how we’ll fill an hour, but I think we actually went a little over an hour.  Tywana and I have somewhat different approaches.  Mine is more head oriented. I’m about trying to figure out where Shayna is now, how we survive death, what the afterlife is like.  If I can wrap my head around it, if I can know the why, i can endure this time.  Tywana takes more of a heart approach.  She’s done a lot of reading about how one deals with the emotions of grief, the whole process of grief.

We share some stories and we talk about the mission of Helping Parents Heal.  We give out our contact information and we just trust/hope that the right person or people who were supposed to hear actually heard.

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