Day 467- Winter Is Coming

I wake up today and it’s pitch dark. Just a few weeks ago when I left the bedroom in the morning, I would see the sun streaming in from our East facing foyer window and hitting Shayna’s picture in the foyer.  But, now it’s totally dark when I leave the bedroom in the morning. I still tell her good morning every morning, shining the light from my cell phone onto her picture in place of the sun.

As the Starks on Game of Thrones were fond of saying “Winter is coming.”.  I guess winter is always coming, but fall has always been ruined for me not so much because I hate fall, but because fall portends winter.  Winter is dark, winter is cold, winter is a time when things lie dormant.  I’m a high energy person. i like warmth and sunshine and new growth.

But, I think I can cope with this winter a little better. Winter more matches my mood now. I’m not high energy anymore. Things aren’t growing. There’s no light.  Why shouldn’t the weather be cold and dark to match my mood?  Also, the change of the seasons is a reminder that everything continues to change. It might feel like I”m stuck, but regardless of the feelings, the calendar continues to move forward. Every change of season is one more season behind me.  So, bring on winter.  It’s only a few weeks. Then, it’ll be spring. The cycle repeats so it’s easy to become lulled into thinking that each winter is the same as the last and each spring will be the same as the last. But, no two are ever the same. Everything changes.  Inevitably, we move toward our final destination.

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